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Online flute lessons are happening more than ever due to COVID. But the great secret is not so much that people are using this technology at an increasing rate to learn flute online. The secret is that this format has a lot of benefits for teaching music lessons. Beethoven at home has hundreds of professionals waiting to help you whether you need beginner lessons, advanced flute lessons or you just want to learn to play your favorite popular songs or video game music. We offer nearly every instrument lessons including piano, voice, violin, wind instruments and percussion. Live online lessons are up to 5 times more productive than merely watching videos and attempting to learn independently. If you can already play by ear a little bit then working with a trained teacher will bring that talent into better focus for you.


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BAH Teacher #2183

"I am dedicated to fostering a love for music and a sense of achievement in all my students."

BAH Teacher #3774

" I believe that everyone has their own personal method of learning that works best for them. "

BAH Teacher #604

"Everyone possesses musical talent waiting to be uncovered and nurtured."

BAH Teacher #2278

"My greatest pleasure comes from witnessing others relate to music in their lives. "

BAH Teacher #3235

"A positive learning environment can positively affect one’s learning experience."

BAH Teacher #576

"I will open the door to musical discovery showing my students a world of music undiscovered!"

BAH Teacher #3118

"Combining education and fun is at the core of my teaching method and customization allows for us to work together to make the most out of your lessons."

BAH Teacher #3882

"My wish is to make the lessons fun, create great musical memories for other generations and show them how enjoyable playing the flute can be."

BAH Teacher #3930

"Music is fundamental to my being, and I believe that it is integral to the education of any person. "

BAH Teacher #2951

"Music lessons are life lessons."

BAH Teacher #3031

"I aim to make every lesson educational, productive, and fun."

BAH Teacher #2809

" I aim to guide students towards a solution rather than simply present an answer."

BAH Teacher #2796

"I take pleasure in imparting musical skills to my students, skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives."

BAH Teacher #2582

"Not everyone has the same opportunities or learns in the same way."

BAH Teacher #3374

"No more incorrect fundamentals - learn right the first time with me!"

BAH Teacher #3464

"My approach to teaching music combines the elements of joy, discipline, and a profound belief in the transformative power of music."

BAH Teacher #2586

"Discovering a voice, you never knew you had."

BAH Teacher #3271

"Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age, and I make certain that students learn without a lot of undue stress and anxiety."

BAH Teacher #1804

"Music resides within every individual, and my role as a teacher is to help them connect with, nurture, and express their inner music."

BAH Teacher #2842

"Just as I love to learn and evolve, I aspire to help others learn and flourish in the expansive world of music."

BAH Teacher #3609

"We all have rhythm, and we all have musical talent inside of us. "

BAH Teacher #3832

" I am open to students of all ages of any skill level."

BAH Teacher #3295

"My teaching philosophy is to teach both the instrument and overall Indian classical music and its rich musical experience."

BAH Teacher #3172

"Whether formally in school, or casually for my own enjoyment - music has become a lifelong endeavour. "

BAH Teacher #3207

"Exploring music is a way to discover yourself."

BAH Teacher #3212

"Music is a key element and a part of us all that can be unlocked if taught and supported."

BAH Teacher #3216

"I am very patient and am always willing to try different modes of instruction and communication to better suit the individual needs of the student."

BAH Teacher #3611

"No matter what their goals are, I will ensure that my students meet them and enjoy every step of the way, while developing healthy practicing and life habits."

BAH Teacher #3265

" I approach teaching with an open and easy going attitude, I want everyone to feel welcome and supported."

BAH Teacher #3393

""I am committed to having my students reach their musical goals by guiding lessons based on their individual interests and needs.""

BAH Teacher #3410

"I am aware that each learner is an individual and will adapt my teaching style to cater to the best interest of the learners."

BAH Teacher #3794

"I prioritize individualized instruction to meet the unique needs and distinctive learning style of each student."

BAH Teacher #3500

"I do my best to make learning an instrument an enjoyable and engaging experience for all those involved. "

BAH Teacher #3505

"I believe that the learning process should be simple and fun."

BAH Teacher #3665

" I make sure to provide the most I can to offer students willing to learn, either as young children or as adults. "

BAH Teacher #3537

"Music has the power to heal, reflect, and give way to the imagination. Not to mention... playing an instrument is also FUN!"

BAH Teacher #3591

"Looking forward to becoming part of your or your child's classical music journey! "

BAH Teacher #3625

"Music is a language to connect with others, and I believe enjoying the music is the first step to starting to learn an instrument."

BAH Teacher #3252

"Overall I favour a relaxed, friendly approach to lessons so that the student feels comfortable with me."

BAH Teacher #519

"My goal is to bring out the best in all my students."

BAH Teacher #2948

"I strive to inspire a lifelong love of music in my students and to help them connect with their deepest feelings through playing. "

BAH Teacher #2496

"I have been a music educator for over 10 years teaching flute, clarinet, saxophone, as well as adapted music lessons. "

BAH Teacher #1034

"Je veux donner le got de pratiquer et transmettre un peu de ma passion pour la musique a l'tudiant."

BAH Teacher #1221

"When meeting new students, I focus on understanding their personality and motivations for learning music."

BAH Teacher #1578

"Personalized approach ensures that skills are progressively built upon."

BAH Teacher #1983

"Music is an incredibly beneficial activity, teaching students how to express themselves as well as create and reach goals."

BAH Teacher #2084

"I set precise improvement targets for your instrument, ensuring that progress is not just a hope, but an expectation."

BAH Teacher #2133

"Instead of providing ready-made answers, I aim to guide them in discovering knowledge for themselves."

BAH Teacher #2224

"Music is not only a fantastic academic tool but also a wonderful channel to maintain mental and emotional health. "

BAH Teacher #2354

"I aim to inspire my students as I have been and feel honoured to be apart of their musical journey. "

BAH Teacher #2355

"Each of us has a unique reason for wanting to play music, and I wholeheartedly believe in nurturing that innate curiosity and helping students find their musical voice."

BAH Teacher #2426

"As students connect with and share music, their personal and social lives flourish."

BAH Teacher #2431

"With me you can expect a stress-free and fun experience learning music regardless of age or genre."

BAH Teacher #2937

"I bring a real-world perspective to my teaching. "

BAH Teacher #2486

"Music can help communicate ideas in ways words never could."

BAH Teacher #2931

"My main motivation in lessons is to find joy in creating music together and to fulfill your long and short-term flute goals."

BAH Teacher #2770

"Each student is unique and I try my best to bring out their strengths and work through their difficulties."

BAH Teacher #2518

"Teaching is a weighty responsibility, dedicated to each student's triumph."

BAH Teacher #548

"Learning music not only fulfills people with joy but also helps build self-confident, self-esteem, and self-expression."

BAH Teacher #2562

"Significance of correct technique and form cannot be understated."

BAH Teacher #2717

"Finding happiness in the learning process is key."

BAH Teacher #2498

"Music is an experience in life like no other."

BAH Teacher #2829

"Engage, educate minds, touch hearts, and transform lives through the medium of music."

BAH Teacher #2878

"Together, we will connect through personalized lesson plans oriented to meet your goals and passions. "

BAH Teacher #2531

"The key to successful music learning is believing in what you're doing."

BAH Teacher #3089

"I approach learning music from as many different angles as possible and am not limited to any specific genre or curriculum."

BAH Teacher #1507

" I am dedicated to help students achieve their own personal goals"

BAH Teacher #555

"It's not just about technical precision; it's about conveying emotions, stories, and messages through the music they play."

BAH Teacher #1332

"My philosophy is to follow the voice and help it become as free as it can be."

BAH Teacher #2977

"This lovely instrument, the flute, permits us to connect better with ourselves."

BAH Teacher #3429

"As a music educator, my goal is to cultivate a lifelong love and appreciation for music in my students, while providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become well-rounded musicians."

BAH Teacher #2435

"Because music is so diverse, we have different ways of approaching it. "

BAH Teacher #2712

"Arts education plays a pivotal role in shaping our society."

BAH Teacher #2736

"Music isn't an exact science; it involves working with unique individuals."

BAH Teacher #3308

"Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age, without joy, there is no music, and without music, there is no joy."

BAH Teacher #3922

"I'm excited to bring my passion and knowledge to your child's musical exploration!"

What benefits do online flute lessons offer?

Choice of teacher: Online flute lessons offer more flexibility in choice of teacher. Where before we would be limited by what teachers where in our neighbourhood or city, we can now explore music teachers from all over the country and the world.

There are also certain cognitive benefits to music learning online. The format forces a sort of concentration and listening that is hard to beat. Actually students and parents roften report increased attention span and retention of what has been learned.

You might have had a negative experience with online learning in groups. This is understandable. Online sessions with 30 some odd learners are less than ideal. However in the case of individual instruction the negatives are minimal and the positives are measurable.

What is the best method or software for online lessons?

Online flute lessons, often referred to as zoom flute lessons, are best managed on the Zoom conferencing service. Zoom is a software you download to your computer that uses your internet browser to hold a video call. There is no free trial it is simply free. There are paid plans but they are not needed for teacher or student unless you want to have group sessions longer than 40 minutes.

There are other platforms available like skype or facetime but they do not have the correct audio fidelity to do a good job of a music lesson. They may in fact work just fine for certain instruments but the reality is that the echo-cancellation of the software can turn a trumpet for example into an electric guitar. The advanced settings of the audio menu in Zoom will show you the best way to set up a zoom call for a music lesson.

It's very important to make sure you have a good trial run from the outset. Your goal is to learn to play in your lessons not to be learning how to set up the machine. Here's an easy tutorial. (zoom music lesson set up presentation)

Music teachers will appreciate the waiting room like functionality of the Zoom application. Students arrive and are put in a virtual waiting room just like in a real office. As a teacher you can even pop in to your virtual waiting room and send a message to a waiting student that you'll be another five minutes.

A special note about beginner lessons for children. If your child is younger your participation will be more important than ever. This is not new, young children with parents that are involved in their learning to play are more successful always. This experience can be very enriching to a parent child relationship and sometimes the parent winds up becoming a student and a teacher all at once.

What kind of equipment do I need?

The majority of students will be fine with a laptop or a tablet and a nice pair of headphones to start their online learning. Smartphones are a possibility but the small size of screen is less than ideal. Phones can be useful as a second camera to show certain different angles of for example flute fingering or hand position.

Music teachers can invest in better and/or additional cameras or microphones but there's no reason we can't start with the basics.

If you really want the very best rig possible here are my recommendations. Again this is not at all necessary and perhaps a good investment for the busy online teacher or the student that just loves gear:

  • You want perhaps a better camera or a second camera and a stereo mic. Here is a link to a 4k camera with a built in stereo mic that will give you very professional result in your video lessons. The manufacturer is also called Zoom but there is no connection between the 2 companies.
  • You also might want a workable tablet and writing surface. I recommend an iPad pro or the regular version with an Apple pencil stylus and the app goodnotes. This is helpful for drawing and writing on staff paper or sheet music while teaching music theory or marking up a score. The ability to read music and draw is a great advantage to be able to have.
  • You will need a great set of headphones to use the best features in the Zoom software. They should be slim enough to allow you to play or sing without distraction.

Simply select a teacher from Beethoven at Home and Book an interview. Your teacher will contact you shortly to begin your lessons.


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