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Are online lessons as good as in person lessons?

While there are situations where an online environment is not the best choice, often a virtual lesson offers many benefits.

live online music lessons with BAH
  • For some learners there are benefits to the type of concentration and communication required of both the online teacher and student. Both the online music teacher and the virtual student need to hone listening skills and make sure they are clearly understood. This can result in increased learning retention in many students.
  • The time saved and the environmental benefits of not travelling to lessons are important benefits not to be ignored. The time saved by not travelling to a music lesson can be used to practice the instrument or spent completing those little tasks that get away from us.
  • The planet benefits from our not using fuel to transport ourselves. Even after reopening many of our students and their families have found that a mix of online and some in person instruction gives them greater peace of mind
  • Zoom music lessons have changed our industry over the last year. Probably more than anything else the flexibility of the platform has allowed our industry to adapt to health concerns. Rather than cancelling an in-person lesson when we are ill, many of our teachers and clients now prefer to use a Zoom lesson to accommodate the health of both parties. This can take the form of having all lessons on the internet or just the occasional requirement.

What do I need to start taking virtual music lessons?

The average laptop and a high speed internet connection are more than sufficient for the student side of a networked music lesson. We strongly recommend the Zoom platform for music lessons. It is free for all one on one calls and can be used for up to 40 minutes for group calls to family and friends.

Zoom also offers a high fidelity music mode. Your teacher will be able to help you set it up. If you are using the high fidelity mode for your lessons you will most likely find a good set of headphones to be ideal.

Zoom music teachers can invest in a bit more hardware or microphones and multiple cameras.

Other platforms like Skype or Facetime can work but they often encounter difficulties with certain types of audio processing that can create challenges. It’s always a good idea to test things out if you’re considering using FaceTime, a messenger app or trying out Skype music lessons.

What does Beethoven at Home offer in terms of online music instruction?

Almost all of our teachers presently offer online lessons for kids. In the case of younger virtual learners parental participation is important. Often our teachers are willing to accommodate presenting a lesson that is really for the parent but involves the child. It can be a really nice activity to do together.

Online lessons for adults are even more popular. Traditional music schools have always been geared to a childish environment. Now adults can learn at their own pace with private online music lessons. This offers privacy which is an appealing benefit to those who might be too shy to visit another environment.

Homeschooling has also increased in recent times. Now online music lessons for homeschoolers are possible with an expert in nearly every instrument. Every student can pick their own instrument and have their own personal music instructor.

Most of our teachers hold masters and doctoral degrees from prestigious institutions. Our teachers can educate a homeschool music student with a respected curriculum like that offered by the RCM, the ABRSM or the syllabus of your choice. Your teacher can augment your learning with music theory, jazz improvisation & more.

Have Beethoven at Home’s teachers improved their capacity to give Zoom lessons since the pandemic began?

The field of online music education has grown by leaps and bounds since the pandemic began. This has required a certain amount of hands-on professional development pertaining to the art of teaching online. Live online lessons offer a lot of benefits when compared to online courses that are static presentations.

When you take your lessons online your teacher can react and adjust to your performance and development. As a profession we are adapting daily to the science of online learning.

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