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The best music teaching jobs are with Beethoven at Home

Beethoven at Home is always excited to work with talented and committed people. there are many careers in music and the self-employed music teacher can be one of the richest and most fulfilling choices you can make.
Many of the options for music teacher jobs out there have little to offer a teacher. Our model is based on offering our teachers great conditions and great compensation. It may well be that you can make more independently eventually and when that day comes we can part company as friends and colleagues. There is always a market for talented professionals in this field and we are there to help you on your way.

  • Beethoven at Home offers a unique perspective to the private teacher. We seek to help you grow or build your teaching studio.
  • We do not really have an interest in being 100% of that solution. We support you the teacher and help you establish yourself in the industry. Our investments in marketing and support are there to build these opportunities for qualified teachers.
  • There are many things you can do independently to attract your own students and we are one of those options. Growing a full time music studio independently takes time. Initially you might want to charge less and slowly over time increase rates to meet or exceed the compensation we provide. There are as many ways of doing this as there are music teachers that we work with.
  • Beethoven at Home supports our teachers and their efforts to establish their own studio. There are no non-compete agreements or restrictions on your advertising that we consider very unfair and a bad practice. If you want to run your own Facebook ads for example this presents no issue to us. The only real rule is that Beethoven at Home clients stay within our agreements. This is only fair and we must all respect the investment that we make in each other.
  • We have been building our experience and reputation since 2007 and proud to say we are one of the good guys in the industry.

There are few opportunities in the music business that pay as well as Beethoven at Home. We feel it is only fair that after years of studying music, obtaining a music degree or having taught music for years our team needs to be compensated fairly. All team members are compensated the same.

Beethoven at Home uses a sliding scale where clients pay less per hour for longer lessons and more per hour for shorter lessons. The effect of this is that our teachers are making the maximum rate 80% of the time. The maximum rate is just north of forty eight dollars per hour plus compensation for travel.


Beethoven at Home invests thousands of dollars and hours in our marketing for you. Take advantage of a resource that it would be impractical to build personally!

Duplication of the results and resources required to match our marketing campaigns would be beyond the means and budgets of most individual teachers. You are getting the benefit of this marketing for free. The choice of many teachers and clients has boosted the need for marketing and management services like Beethoven at Home is higher post-covid. There are no charges to teachers of any kind save the digital background check if needed. And even that will be waived until you have students.


Beethoven at Home manages all billing for our clients. Our teachers save on busy work and complete a simple invoicing report once a month to get paid on time. You incur no risk and or expense from tasks like billing or policy enforcement.

As your studio grows you will find that taking the time to market students for the little gaps that arise becomes problematic. Many established teachers use Beethoven at Home as a way of keeping the initiative going so they can concentrate on teaching.


At Beethoven at Home the teacher is in charge of their schedule and time. We are not in the business of making you accept particular students at particular times. BAH teachers never have to accept any student and can manage their schedules personally.

Beethoven at Home teachers set their own schedule with clients and can even refuse students. This flexibility is one of the key reasons we have succeeded even with COVID as a factor. If you are a student in a music program and only want to teach the academic school year, that can work. If you are a touring pianist and only want to teach online this can also be accommodated.


Getting students with BAH begins with creating a high quality teaching profile.

You’ll need 4 things:

  • a digital photo (please remember that a friendly family photo usually attracts more students than a dramatic artsy photo)
  • a scan of ID (this is to confirm your identity and you can black out specifics)
  • scans of your diplomas & a background check (the most recent is fine and if it is a problem we can wait for your parents to find it in their basement)
  • A background check from our service. If you have a copy of an existing background check we’ll happily accept it of course. If not you can use our digital service when you get your first student. There is a fee but it is fast and we’ll front the fee and bill it back to you slowly so you won’t feel it much.

You will need to write a teaching philosophy and to fill in your teaching details. This is the most important section. This is so that we and our clients can get a sense of what kind of a music teacher you are and what they might expect in music lessons with you. The more personal and sincere you can be in your teaching philosophy the better!

There are lots of places to put information about your experience playing music, your degrees in music, your experience in the music industry or any elements of music performance you are involved with.

There are examples and instructions provided for each section of the profile so read them carefully.

You can change and edit your teaching profile as time goes by. After all the best teachers are the teachers that evolve and learn alongside their students.


There is no one answer to this question. As a professional musician and educator with a doctorate and years of post-secondary experience I can tell you that there are many colleagues I admire and respect without the same credentials.

For the most part we are looking for university educated teachers with teaching experience. However, like most post-secondary institutions we can accept equivalent experience. We have also given a leg up and jobs for music students that have a keen interest in teaching.

There are also instruments (harmonica and banjo) and disciplines (folk music and heavy metal) where advanced university degrees are rare or the exception.

There is no perfect experience and we evaluate each music teacher based on their experience as well as their pedigree.

We do insist on working with people that are professional, on time and forthright in addition to being talented. Professionalism, after all, requires no special talent just a willingness to be great.


Get ready to grow your studio!


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    Get ready to grow your studio!