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Online trumpet lessons are happening more than ever due to COVID. But the great secret is not so much that people are using this technology at an increasing rate to learn trumpet online. The secret is that this format has a lot of benefits for teaching music lessons. Beethoven at home has hundreds of professionals waiting to help you whether you need beginner lessons, advanced trumpet lessons or you just want to learn to play your favorite popular songs or video game music. We offer nearly every instrument lessons including piano, voice, violin, wind instruments and percussion. Live online lessons are up to 5 times more productive than merely watching videos and attempting to learn independently. If you can already play by ear a little bit then working with a trained teacher will bring that talent into better focus for you.


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BAH Teacher #1431

"Music possesses a unique ability to portray a culture like no other art form can."

BAH Teacher #2720

"I value professionalism, but I also cherish the bond of friendship with my students."

BAH Teacher #3300

"The most important part of making music is to have fun!"

BAH Teacher #3414

"Adult students can expect the same support and respect as the youngest child. "

BAH Teacher #3946

"My commitment is not only to impart knowledge but also to ignite the flame of creativity in every student I teach."

BAH Teacher #3639

"Music represents a beautiful intersection between art, science, and technology. "

BAH Teacher #3157

" I want my students to enjoy playing music and will guide them to play the music they like."

BAH Teacher #1531

"Music is a lasting gift you can give yourself or your child."

BAH Teacher #3384

"Whether through improvisation, composition, or performance, I seek to help students develop a deep and abiding love for music that will last a lifetime. "

BAH Teacher #3214

"Music not only fills our lives but also our hearts and souls and we get to share it with others!"

BAH Teacher #3944

"Music is something that can start as a hobby but can turn into a way of life."

BAH Teacher #3495

"My main philosophy is to approach the instrument in an effortless and enjoyable way. "

BAH Teacher #2318

"The balance between the physical and mental sides of music is important to explore."

BAH Teacher #2189

"My aim is to help them reach their specific goals while keeping a strong foundation in place."

BAH Teacher #1988

"Music and joy go hand in hand, and I strive to cultivate a love for music in all my students."

BAH Teacher #3459

"Purpose is exactly what I strive to teach to my music students."

BAH Teacher #3993

"Whether you want to dive deep into the minutia of music or just want to learn how to play your favourite song, I am here to help foster your knowledge at every step along the way."

BAH Teacher #3990

"Playing the trumpet is a joyful experience and I wish to share that experience with my students."

BAH Teacher #2017

"My utmost priority is to create a safe, nurturing, and inclusive space where you can thrive as a learner and a musician."

BAH Teacher #3415

" I am committed to sharing the joy and pleasure of playing the trumpet!"

BAH Teacher #3395

"I like to have fun during lessons, and a student who is relaxed and having fun is a happy student!"

BAH Teacher #1773

"Each student has unique goals and motivations for music education, and I tailor my methods and tools accordingly."

BAH Teacher #3440

"As a teacher. I take pride and great joy in seeing the development and improvement of my students of any age."

BAH Teacher #3452

"By actively involving my students in their own learning process, I empower them to take ownership of their musical journey. "

BAH Teacher #3341

"All students will have my undivided attention and respect for the duration of all lessons."

BAH Teacher #3811

"I believe any person is capable of great things in music."

BAH Teacher #3820

"Everyone has music which they love and that brings them joy!"

BAH Teacher #3924

"Music can be a way to form bonds with other people and make new friends."

BAH Teacher #3702

"I work on creating an environment of safety and encouragement for the smallest efforts, whatever their age is."

BAH Teacher #3305

"Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your playing to the next level, I am here to help you achieve your musical dreams."

BAH Teacher #1078

"We follow a carefully structured approach to ensure students build solid skills step by step."

BAH Teacher #2629

"Whether it's intellectual, creative, emotional, or social growth, students should be encouraged and supported to achieve success."

BAH Teacher #1221

"When meeting new students, I focus on understanding their personality and motivations for learning music."

BAH Teacher #1246

"I aim to give my students their own personal goals, and showing them how to achieve them. "

BAH Teacher #1969

" It's my job to help you on your musical way in the way that works best for you."

BAH Teacher #2133

"Instead of providing ready-made answers, I aim to guide them in discovering knowledge for themselves."

BAH Teacher #2119

"Music is not just a part of my life; it's the beating heart of it."

BAH Teacher #2317

"Music is deeply tied to expression and enjoyment."

BAH Teacher #4015

"From the physical to the emotional and the psychological, music education serves only to benefit whoever is fortunate enough to experience it."

BAH Teacher #2715

"Music is good for the soul, and an incomparable joy to learn and immerse yourself in."

BAH Teacher #3129

"It's a matter of personal commitment, proper direction, practice practice, some more practice and often overlooked, a love of playing."

BAH Teacher #3093

"I believe that every student is capable of finding their voice and using it to share what is most important to them. "

BAH Teacher #2733

"Being able to play an instrument is an asset to personal development at any age."

BAH Teacher #2978

"I believe that everyone can be best at a certain skill with proper technique and guidance."

BAH Teacher #2819

"Regardless of age or skill level, there is always room for self-improvement."

BAH Teacher #3536

"What I hope to leave with students is the privilege of music-making and joy of trumpet playing . Music should be a blast!"

BAH Teacher #3297

" I take a student-first approach and keep an open line of communication with both my student and their family to learn how to best work together to provide fun, engaging lessons. "

BAH Teacher #3763

"During lessons, students will learn how to master their instrument, which will give them the facility to play any type of music that they desire."

BAH Teacher #2920

"Nothing is more important to me than being able to work with students on honing in on their natural talents."

BAH Teacher #3640

"Music is therapy, music is joy, music is life!"

BAH Teacher #3977

"Learning in a safe and supportive teaching environment is essential to making musical progress and feeling fulfilled with music lessons."

BAH Teacher #3714

"I will meet you where you are and give you personal advice and techniques to help you reach your goals. "

BAH Teacher #1434

"Lessons will progress at the rate that the student progresses."

BAH Teacher #3409

"I ensure that students enjoy the process of honing their craft, no matter their age - because without heart, there is no art."

BAH Teacher #3461

"Ultimately, I strive to instill in my students a heightened awareness of timer enabling them to connect with music on a profound level. "

BAH Teacher #3812

"My lessons will always be relaxing and fun, and students should feel fulfilled after each of them. "

What benefits do online trumpet lessons offer?

Choice of teacher: Online trumpet lessons offer more flexibility in choice of teacher. Where before we would be limited by what teachers where in our neighbourhood or city, we can now explore music teachers from all over the country and the world.

There are also certain cognitive benefits to music learning online. The format forces a sort of concentration and listening that is hard to beat. Actually students and parents roften report increased attention span and retention of what has been learned.

You might have had a negative experience with online learning in groups. This is understandable. Online sessions with 30 some odd learners are less than ideal. However in the case of individual instruction the negatives are minimal and the positives are measurable.

What is the best method or software for online lessons?

Online trumpet lessons, often referred to as zoom trumpet lessons, are best managed on the Zoom conferencing service. Zoom is a software you download to your computer that uses your internet browser to hold a video call. There is no free trial it is simply free. There are paid plans but they are not needed for teacher or student unless you want to have group sessions longer than 40 minutes.

There are other platforms available like skype or facetime but they do not have the correct audio fidelity to do a good job of a music lesson. They may in fact work just fine for certain instruments but the reality is that the echo-cancellation of the software can turn a trumpet for example into an electric guitar. The advanced settings of the audio menu in Zoom will show you the best way to set up a zoom call for a music lesson.

It's very important to make sure you have a good trial run from the outset. Your goal is to learn to play in your lessons not to be learning how to set up the machine. Here's an easy tutorial. (zoom music lesson set up presentation)

Music teachers will appreciate the waiting room like functionality of the Zoom application. Students arrive and are put in a virtual waiting room just like in a real office. As a teacher you can even pop in to your virtual waiting room and send a message to a waiting student that you'll be another five minutes.

A special note about beginner lessons for children. If your child is younger your participation will be more important than ever. This is not new, young children with parents that are involved in their learning to play are more successful always. This experience can be very enriching to a parent child relationship and sometimes the parent winds up becoming a student and a teacher all at once.

What kind of equipment do I need?

The majority of students will be fine with a laptop or a tablet and a nice pair of headphones to start their online learning. Smartphones are a possibility but the small size of screen is less than ideal. Phones can be useful as a second camera to show certain different angles of for example trumpet fingering or hand position.

Music teachers can invest in better and/or additional cameras or microphones but there's no reason we can't start with the basics.

If you really want the very best rig possible here are my recommendations. Again this is not at all necessary and perhaps a good investment for the busy online teacher or the student that just loves gear:

  • You want perhaps a better camera or a second camera and a stereo mic. Here is a link to a 4k camera with a built in stereo mic that will give you very professional result in your video lessons. The manufacturer is also called Zoom but there is no connection between the 2 companies.
  • You also might want a workable tablet and writing surface. I recommend an iPad pro or the regular version with an Apple pencil stylus and the app goodnotes. This is helpful for drawing and writing on staff paper or sheet music while teaching music theory or marking up a score. The ability to read music and draw is a great advantage to be able to have.
  • You will need a great set of headphones to use the best features in the Zoom software. They should be slim enough to allow you to play or sing without distraction.

Simply select a teacher from Beethoven at Home and Book an interview. Your teacher will contact you shortly to begin your lessons.


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