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BAH Teacher #2132

"Finding out who the individual student is as a person is important to me, and I'm always trying to tailor my teaching to their needs and interests."

BAH Teacher #2482

"My philosophy is to let your imagination run wild and that anything is possible even if it seems too daunting."

BAH Teacher #470

"I believe in an individual approach with each student. "

BAH Teacher #1982

" I believe that studying music is fundamental to a persons development. "

BAH Teacher #2450

"My goal is to help enrich students' lives through music by having happiness and positive playing experiences that are an invaluable treasure in their lives."

BAH Teacher #2387

"Music has a place in everyone’s life and we all participate in music on some level."

BAH Teacher #2291

" I will make sure my lessons are not only fun and encouraging, but will also have a good balance of challenges."

BAH Teacher #2207

" In my lessons I try to create a warm and welcoming environment."

BAH Teacher #2136

"My approach is flexible, and I enjoy working with students to help reach their goals."

BAH Teacher #2099

"I believe in creating an enthusiastic environment for students to explore themselves and inspire their musical talent. "

BAH Teacher #29

"As a teacher I believe that developing a passion for learning is the first step to musical success. "

BAH Teacher #1974

"When I teach I want to ensure the student's enjoyment is a priority."

BAH Teacher #1965

" I believe in and enjoy teaching all ages and all levels of musical training."

BAH Teacher #1511

" Nourishing my student's interest for the cello and motivating them through reaching their goals on their own cello journey is very rewarding for me."

BAH Teacher #1739

"Music is an international form of communication that can be shared between people even if they do not share the same culture or come from the same country."

BAH Teacher #1735

" I want to encourage all my students to love the cello in whatever way suits their goals."

BAH Teacher #1786

"Everyone's life can be enriched by playing music!"

BAH Teacher #2275

"I find the process of understanding the needs of students and parents to be truly intriguing. "

BAH Teacher #1701

"Focusing and practicing is keen to a person's success not only in music, but in any field. "

BAH Teacher #1997

"I believe that music is an inherent ability that is best encouraged with a flexible approach. "

BAH Teacher #1872

"I believe music is a gift to be freely given."

BAH Teacher #2143

" I believe in positive and compassionate teaching, where the student can develop his or her skills, and as a musician and as a human. "

BAH Teacher #2298

"I am a registered Suzuki teacher and have a reverence for this system because it is both technically systematic and also philosophically student-centred. "

BAH Teacher #1345

"I pride myself in being both constructive and sensitive."


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