Jaime - BAH Teacher #4031

“Jaime is a versatile music teacher specializing in drumset, marimba, percussions, piano, vibraphone, and xylophone, teaching students from age 2 to adults. Offering lessons online and in your home in Richmond and Vancouver, Jaime aims to help students discover the joy and emotional depth of music through creative and expressive learning. With an educational background in Music Education and over 11 years of teaching experience, Jaime incorporates Kodály, Orff, and Dalcroze methodologies into her lessons, ensuring a rich and comprehensive musical education. Book an interview with Jaime today and embark on a musical journey that explores the vast landscape of musical expression. ”
 - Jaime


As a music tutor, my approach to teaching extends beyond merely imparting technical skills. I am deeply committed to nurturing a love for music in my students, fostering their creativity, and promoting a positive and supportive learning environment. My lessons are designed to encourage creativity and musical expression, providing students with opportunities to explore their own musical ideas, compose, and improvise. This approach not only enhances their musicianship but also helps them develop a deeper connection with the art form. I am passionate about sharing my love for music with my students. My aim is to inspire them by exposing them to a wide variety of musical genres, enriching their understanding with historical contexts, and introducing them to influential artists. It's my goal to help them discover the joy and emotional depth that music can offer, guiding them on a journey that explores the vast landscape of musical expression.

Name: Jaime (Full name will be provided upon registration)

Age: 29

Gender: female

I graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree in Music from a renowned university. For six years, I taught Music and General Studies at Shatin Tsung Tsin School, an elementary school in Hong Kong. My career spans over 11 years in conducting percussion bands and school choirs, during which I led students in various performances and competitions. I also have more than 11 years of experience in teaching piano, percussion, drum set, and music playgroups. As a percussionist, I have over 13 years of experience performing in symphonic bands, orchestras, and Chinese orchestras. Additionally, I have been a pianist at the Alliance Church for over six years. Throughout my career, I have mastered and employed the music teaching methodologies of Kodály, Orff, and Dalcroze in music education.

Conductor of Percussion band 1st place in The 6th Hong Kong International Music Festival 2nd place in The Asia Pacific Talent Musicians Competition 1st place in The 10th Hong Kong International Music Festival 5th place in The 10th Hong Kong International Music Festival (Final) Conductor and pianist of Choir 3rd place in The 6th Hong Kong International Music Festival 1st place in The 10th Hong Kong International Music Festival 5th place in The 10th Hong Kong International Music Festival (Final)

My musical journey began at the age of 15 when I delved into the fascinating realms of music history and theory. Over the years, I have honed my skills as a versatile musician, proficient in playing the piano, percussion, and drum set. My commitment to music education led me to pursue a Bachelor of Education in Music, where I not only gained a solid foundation in pedagogy but also mastered various teaching methods. I am well-versed in Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze approaches, seamlessly integrating these methodologies into my teaching for the past 11 years. With over 13 years of experience as a pianist and percussionist, I have cultivated a rich repertoire of performing skills and valuable experiences. Beyond individual performance, I have expanded my expertise to conducting percussion bands and leading school choirs for more than a decade. This journey has equipped me with extensive conducting and teaching skills, allowing me to guide and inspire students under my tutelage. Throughout my career, I have successfully led students to numerous performances and competitions, fostering their musical growth and showcasing their talents. My dedication to music education is not only reflected in my teaching methodologies but also in the tangible achievements of the students I have mentored over the years.




Rates and Studio Policies
Registration Fee: $25.00 (One-time lifetime registration fee may be used by all family members)

Rates for instruction:
30 minute private lesson: $39.00
45 minute private lesson: $49.00
60 minute private lesson: $59.00

Travel charge: additional $15.00 per visit (for lessons in a client's home as opposed to my studio)

1. Cancellation Policy
Lessons not cancelled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice are billable to the client and payable to the teacher. This does not of course apply to travel fees unless the notice is effectively given at the door and the teacher has travelled to the location.

2. Cessation (quitting) Policy
A client must provide a 2 lesson notice period to stop lessons. So a weekly student needs to give 2 weeks of notice, a biweekly student works out to 3 weeks notice and a twice weekly student works out to a week of notice.

3. Illness Policy
Lessons cancelled due to illness or extraordinary circumstances with less than 24 hours notice remain billable to the client and payable to the teacher.

BAH teachers are encouraged to offer a make-up lesson at a future date in the interest of client relations and general goodwill. This only makes sense as teaching a student with the flu for example, will ruin the rest of your week's employment.

No more than 2 lessons may be made up due to illness within a 60 day period.

4. Rescheduling Policy
Any lesson can be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice.

Summer Vacation and Extended Absence Policy

Clients may schedule longer absences for trips etc. 24 hours notice is required.

It is normal and typical for students and about 20% of our teachers to schedule a break in the summer. We do not enforce a notice period (see cessation of lessons) at the end of a long summer break.

5. Evaluation Period
There are no free trial lessons with Beethoven at Home but we do offer a 2 lesson evaluation period where it is easy to try out a teacher. There are no free lessons during the evaluation period and clients may choose to discontinue the lessons at any time by providing the required 24 hours notice. After the student's 3rd lesson the required 2 lesson notice period will apply (see cessation of lessons above).

Lessons in your home

Jaime is available to teach in your home if you are located in the following areas

Online lessons

Jaime can provide online instruction. While other platforms are possible BAH strongly recommends the use of the Zoom video conferencing platform as it is optimized for music lessons and audio quality.