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Online voice lessons are happening more than ever due to COVID. But the great secret is not so much that people are using this technology at an increasing rate to learn voice online. The secret is that this format has a lot of benefits for teaching music lessons. Beethoven at home has hundreds of professionals waiting to help you whether you need beginner lessons, advanced voice lessons or you just want to learn to play your favorite popular songs or video game music. We offer nearly every instrument lessons including piano, voice, violin, wind instruments and percussion. Live online lessons are up to 5 times more productive than merely watching videos and attempting to learn independently. If you can already play by ear a little bit then working with a trained teacher will bring that talent into better focus for you.


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BAH Teacher #4028

"Uday offers piano and voice lessons to students of all ages, both online and in-home in Surrey. His approach to teaching music is rooted in the belief that music is an essential skill everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Having begun his musical education at home under the guidance of his father, Uday furthered his skills with formal training, completing his 5th year at Pracheen Kala Kendra Chandigarh. His unique background combines private learning and structured education, enabling him to cater to a diverse range of student needs. Uday is committed to fostering a love for music in his students, encouraging them to explore various musical genres and styles. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, Uday's lessons, available both online and in the comfort of your home in Surrey, are tailored to help you achieve your musical ambitions."

BAH Teacher #1075

" Natalia is a dedicated and versatile music teacher based in Surrey, offering piano, composition, and voice lessons to students of all ages, from 4 to adults. With a rich educational background, including a Bachelor of Performing Arts and a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Music, Natalia brings a wealth of knowledge to her teaching. She is an accredited Suzuki teacher and holds a Grade 10 piano certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Natalia's teaching philosophy centers on creating a nurturing environment that inspires students to learn and explore music. She offers lessons online and from her studio, catering to the individual needs of each student. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, Natalia's comprehensive approach to music education will help you achieve your goals."

BAH Teacher #3086

"Hae Kyung is a dedicated music teacher offering online, in-home and in studio piano and voice lessons to students from age 5 to adults. With a teaching studio located in Surrey, she is well-versed in various teaching methodologies and holds advanced degrees, including a certificate from the University of South Carolina, a Performance Diploma from Santa Cecilia, Italy, and a Bachelor's degree in Voice-Soprano from JoongAng University in Seoul, Korea. Fluent in English and Korean, Hae Kyung is known for her nurturing approach, emphasizing the power of music to heal and comfort. She offers lessons online, in her studio, and in students' homes, making her accessible to a wide range of students."

BAH Teacher #3125

"Jennifer is a passionate music teacher offering lessons in guitar, piano, singer-songwriter, ukulele, and voice for students from the age of 6 to adults. With a studio in Surrey, she's dedicated to pushing students beyond their limits and fostering a deep appreciation for music. Jennifer's lessons are available online or in her studio, making her accessible to a wide range of students. Her approach emphasizes not just technical skill, but also the joy and challenge of musical expression across various styles. "

BAH Teacher #3686

"I believe that music should be approached in a flexible, playful, open-minded, and patient manner with room for imperfections throughout the process. "

BAH Teacher #2106

"My greatest passion lies in guiding students to see the big picture of music – not only as a path of learning but also as a source of pure enjoyment."

BAH Teacher #3479

"Music is one of the best gifts anyone could receive, and to better understand what you like about music can improve your quality of life."

BAH Teacher #3642

"My mission is to help you develop your talent and take your music, voice, career or project to its full potential!"

BAH Teacher #3849

"Pei-Xuan, a talented teacher in Vancouver, excels in piano, viola, violin, and voice, welcoming students from age 5 to adults. With a rich educational background, including an honors BA in music and numerous awards, she offers a unique teaching philosophy that emphasizes joy, play, and the natural rhythm present in everyone. Pei-Xuan provides lessons online, at her studio, or in your home, ensuring a flexible and accessible learning experience. Discover the joy of music with Pei-Xuan's expert guidance."

BAH Teacher #3488

"I ensure that the correct steps are meticulously taken to develop each student's voice into an instrument of beauty and longevity, unique to them. "

BAH Teacher #3639

"Music represents a beautiful intersection between art, science, and technology. "

BAH Teacher #3468

"Music should be a source of joy and fulfillment for students of all ages."

BAH Teacher #526

"I prioritize the student's choice of music style, ensuring that lessons are not only beneficial but also enjoyable."

BAH Teacher #3875

" I am committed to aiding individuals in cultivating a robust vocal technique, enabling them to achieve a resonant and unrestricted tone."

BAH Teacher #4033

"I believe that music is an embodied experience of true freedom."

BAH Teacher #3981

"Keeping the joy of music alive through my teaching is my main goal!"

BAH Teacher #3616

"Fostering a strong and positive instructor-student relationship is essential to the process of voice learning."

BAH Teacher #3513

"You need to be able to do what you love and find as much enjoyment from it as you can."

BAH Teacher #3719

" I teach a very passion-driven curriculum, where every student learns above all else to love music and to love learning."

BAH Teacher #2442

"Embracing the joy of music, from leisurely exploration to examinations and competitions."

BAH Teacher #1548

"Aaron is a talented music instructor specializing in composition, piano, singer-songwriter, and voice lessons. He offers his expertise to students from the age of 4 to adults, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience tailored to each individual's needs. With a teaching studio located in Vancouver, Aaron also provides the convenience of in-home lessons in Richmond and Vancouver, BC, as well as online lessons for those who prefer virtual learning. His educational background is robust, with a Music Diploma from Capilano University, a Grade 10 Performance Certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and a Bachelor of Art Degree from Simon Fraser University. Aaron's commitment to building a solid foundation for every aspiring musician is evident in his teaching philosophy, focusing on essential skills and understanding to progress towards excellence."

BAH Teacher #2966

"If you want to be a good singer, learning the foundation is what will set you up for success."

BAH Teacher #2538

"I am a firm believer in empowering each and every student with a strong foundation in technique, allowing them to explore and excel in various musical genres."

BAH Teacher #3132

"Seana is a dynamic teacher offering piano, singer-songwriter, and voice lessons to students from age 7 to adults. With an honors BA in Theatre/Music from Trinity College, Dublin, and diplomas in Piano and Singing from the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Seana's educational background is robust. Her teaching philosophy centers on the belief that everyone is inherently musical, focusing on instilling confidence and tailoring classes to individual learning speeds and styles. Seana teaches in Vancouver, both in her studio and in students' homes, and offers online lessons. Her approach includes ear training, harmony, and music theory, aiming to provide a rounded musical education."

BAH Teacher #2649

"Teaching Voice is a delightful journey of discovery for both my students and me."

BAH Teacher #3791

"My lessons are a safe, judgement free space for every student to experiment and grow their skills and love for music."

BAH Teacher #3845

" Part of the performance of a piece of music is absorbing its essence and enjoying the journey it takes you through. "

BAH Teacher #2838

"Learning with me will be a fun-filled experience that brings out the best in you!"

BAH Teacher #3653

"I want my students to trust and learn from their own processes, I love to be their guide and see how they evolve not only in the subject but as people too."

BAH Teacher #3251

"As a spiritual and holistic vocal singing instructor, my teaching philosophy focuses on nurturing the connection between mind, body, and spirit"

BAH Teacher #3934

" I believe it is everyone’s birthright to sing and express themselves with music! "

BAH Teacher #2788

"Music expresses the inexpressible and can heal divides between people."

BAH Teacher #4086

"Anastasiia is a talented piano and voice teacher with a passion for music education, offering lessons to students from the age of 5 to adults. She is dedicated to teaching the BelCanto technique, ensuring students master it in a remarkably short time. Anastasiia believes in making music learning an enjoyable and fearless journey. Fluent in English, Italian, Russian, and Ukrainian, she brings a rich cultural perspective to her teaching. Anastasiia provides online lessons and in-home sessions for those located in Calgary, AB. She has a strong educational background with degrees in Opera singing and Classical Theatre from the Conservatory of Music Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, Italy, and the College of Arts Sydor Vorobkevych in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Anastasiia's approach is supportive, aiming to build confidence and skill in her students, whether they're beginners or more advanced musicians."

BAH Teacher #2796

"I take pleasure in imparting musical skills to my students, skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives."

BAH Teacher #4081

"Elif is a dynamic BAH music teacher, skilled in classical guitar, flute, piano, ukulele, voice, and xylophone, offering lessons to students aged 6 and up. She teaches online and in-home, creating a versatile and accommodating learning environment. With a strong educational background from Ankara University State Conservatory, Elif enriches her lessons with innovative techniques such as humor, games, and dance, ensuring engaging and effective sessions. Whether you aim to improve your musicality, master an instrument, or explore music theory from beginner to intermediate levels, Elif's tailored approach, available both online and directly in your home, promises a comprehensive learning experience."

BAH Teacher #3927

"My teaching philosophy is rooted in my passion for music and my desire to share it with others. "

BAH Teacher #2808

"I want to create a nurturing and caring environment where my students can grow as musicians, make mistakes without fear, and have fun along the way."

BAH Teacher #3704

"Joyce, a dedicated music teacher, offers piano and voice lessons to students from the age of 2 to adults. With her LTCL Diploma in Singing from the Trinity College London and Grade 8 Piano from ABRSM, Joyce brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her teaching. Fluent in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, she provides lessons online and in students' homes in Calgary, AB. Joyce is passionate about inspiring her students to realize their potential in music, emphasizing an inclusive and responsive classroom environment. Book an interview with Joyce today to explore the joy of music together."

BAH Teacher #2842

"Just as I love to learn and evolve, I aspire to help others learn and flourish in the expansive world of music."

BAH Teacher #3368

""Bringing joy and play to music lessons for all ages, making the essentials fun and engaging because I believe music and art are fundamental to being human.""

BAH Teacher #3485

"I find new and unique ways tailored to each student to make the atmosphere more uplifting and exciting. "

BAH Teacher #3466

"Music is an emotional expression reflected through sounds."

BAH Teacher #2725

"Singing and performing not only bring joy but also offer a powerful outlet for creative expression, positively impacting our mood and overall well-being."

BAH Teacher #3550

"The joy of using and perfecting the voice you were born with, and sharing it through story-telling and melody is my passion and privilege. "

BAH Teacher #2995

"I love helping singers to discover their voice at any age and to develop confidence in their own instrument."

BAH Teacher #3448

"My goal is to help you find joy and confidence in singing, and to give you the skills to be able to nurture, embrace and expand your own unique voice!"

BAH Teacher #3838

" I want to be the kind of teacher who teaches in such a way that inspires students to find the same love for music that I have. "

BAH Teacher #2173

"I reject the notion of labeling singers as "just singers.""

BAH Teacher #3115

"Every student is capable of learning as long as they want to."

BAH Teacher #4032

"Taking time to reflect and really understand one’s talents and goals is key to feeling confident and being successful."

BAH Teacher #3519

"I strive to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where students feel supported, challenged, and free to express themselves."

BAH Teacher #3543

"Music builds relationships and community. Keep learning!"

BAH Teacher #3539

"I believe in instruction that caters to each student's unique needs."

BAH Teacher #4054

"My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that music is more than just a series of notes; it is a reflection and expression of the human experience, a mirror of our souls."

BAH Teacher #3984

"I always tell my students: It is never too late to make your dream become true!! "

BAH Teacher #3534

" I aim to empower my students to become independent learners - giving them the skills and confidence to take the initiative necessary to continue their educational journey through life. "

BAH Teacher #3525

"I am well versed in the different ways people learn, and I am able to accommodate their needs."

BAH Teacher #3523

"Each voice is beautifully unique, and worth being heard."

BAH Teacher #3515

"Every student deserves to feel supported no matter what, in their musical journey. "

BAH Teacher #3474

"Music is truly an essential part of life, whether you choose it as a career or as a hobby."

BAH Teacher #3402

"My teaching philosophy centers around empowering students to explore and develop their unique vocal abilities while fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the art of singing. "

BAH Teacher #3999

"I want my students to enjoy music and find themselves through music."

BAH Teacher #3457

"As an educator I strive to adapt to the individual needs of each person I am working with to create an environment where students feel heard, safe, and excited to express themselves and explore the world of music."

BAH Teacher #4026

"Combining classical and contemporary techniques is the best way to go through musical education."

BAH Teacher #3432

" I teach in a way that instills self-confidence and individuality."

BAH Teacher #3483

"I know how scary it feels to start over or start something new. It's never too late to start, and I am excited to join you on this journey."

BAH Teacher #3545

"Each person is different so no two music lessons should be exactly the same."

BAH Teacher #3420

" As long as you remain patient and passionate, you will succeed!"

BAH Teacher #3481

" My goal as a vocal instructor is to provide my students with the tools that they need to enhance and grow their instrument. "

BAH Teacher #3449

"I teach singers of all levels to find joy and confidence in the expression of voice. "

BAH Teacher #3810

"I focus my teaching on helping my students discover the means through which they can both enjoy and progress toward realizing their dreams. "

BAH Teacher #3547

"I am a positive and energetic teacher! With my dance background, I incorporate the whole body into singing and text expression. "

BAH Teacher #3399

"I prioritize teaching my students to feel in-tune with themselves while singing, and understand not only vocal technique, but the anatomy of the voice."

BAH Teacher #3816

" I can teach you how to stop fearing your voice and become comfortable and confident with the sounds you creat and the emotions you conjure while singing."

BAH Teacher #3751

"My specialty lies in working with younger beginners, and my teaching repertoire ranges from pop to classical music, including instruction in reading sheet music."

BAH Teacher #3864

"I aim for my students to be as involved in their development as a musician as their teacher is."

BAH Teacher #3748

"My philosophy is rooted in the belief that every student possesses a unique musical voice and the capacity to experience the joy of making music."

BAH Teacher #3745

"Music is universal and the inclusivity makes for an enjoyable experience for all involved."

BAH Teacher #3735

"Find your voice and your music! Every person is unique, and I believe that teaching music should be too!"

BAH Teacher #3878

" I believe that music has a place inside each and everyone of us."

BAH Teacher #3885

" I enjoy instilling my students the belief that their voices are instruments of empowerment, serving as beacons of authenticity and self-assuredness."

BAH Teacher #4059

" WIth experience teaching not only music but Theatre and Dance, I have a highly adaptable teaching style and interdisciplinary perspective to share."

BAH Teacher #3717

" I have taught everything from Billie Eilish to Hamilton, and even Mozart! "

BAH Teacher #3898

"I engage students in activities that require them to be creative, disciplined, flexible, and work cooperatively with others."

BAH Teacher #3666

"My teaching approach involves encouraging students to tap into their own creativity while grasping complex concepts."

BAH Teacher #3903

"My primary focus is a student's overall enjoyment and engagement with music, followed by developing functional skills."

BAH Teacher #3960

"Music can evoke emotions, tell stories, and bring people together."

BAH Teacher #3649

" I will tailor each lesson to what WE believe is best for you, as a musician and a person."

BAH Teacher #3916

"I want to promote music as a joyous escape rather than a challenging pursuit towards perfection."

BAH Teacher #3929

"Each voice is unique, so you should try to find yourself."

BAH Teacher #3637

"It is important to encourage students to develop their own voice, expression and to experiment with all available tools in their musical vocabulary."

BAH Teacher #3627

"I remember how inspired I was as a kid by my music teachers and I want to help inspire the next generation of performers!"

BAH Teacher #3624

"Nurturing Musical Minds: Where Learning Becomes Harmony, Growth, and Joy."

BAH Teacher #3942

" I accept students of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, genders and special needs."

BAH Teacher #3590

"Cindy, a passionate music educator who specializes in piano, voice, composition, ear training, and music theory for beginners to intermediates. With a teaching philosophy that emphasizes the intrinsic musicality within everyone, she focuses on unlocking the creativity of her students. Cindy holds RCM grade 9 in piano and theory, and her musical journey is marked by awards in composition. Offering online lessons only, she believes in making learning enjoyable and diverse. Book an online session to explore the joy of music with Cindy​​."

BAH Teacher #3955

"Connecting through the piano is my favorite way to 'talk' and share stories, spreading joy and healing through this universal gift. "

BAH Teacher #3571

"Ethan is a dedicated BAH teacher based in Montreal, offering lessons in composition, electric guitar, guitar, piano, saxophone, singer-songwriter, and voice for students aged 6 and up, including adults. He brings a rich background in jazz from Berklee College of Music and a commitment to fostering a strong relationship with his students. Ethan's teaching philosophy centers on nurturing a love for music, adapting lessons to each student's needs. He offers lessons online or in his studio, ensuring a flexible and accommodating learning environment."

BAH Teacher #3808

" I have a versatile teaching style with a focus on healthy singing techniques and exploring the untapped potential of the voice. "

BAH Teacher #3558

"My main objectives when teaching music are to create a fun environment of discovery and to eventually make myself obsolete by instilling the skills and confidence in my students to be able to explore on their own."

BAH Teacher #3563

"Stella is a passionate and versatile music teacher at Beethoven at Home, specializing in piano, voice, and singer-songwriter lessons for students from the age of 4 to adults. With a focus on online instruction, Stella ensures accessibility and convenience for all her students. Her educational background, including studies at the prestigious Glenn Gould School of Music, underlines her commitment to excellence in music education. Stella’s teaching philosophy emphasizes the universal language of music, fostering a love for various musical genres and encouraging students to express themselves authentically through music. She offers lessons in English, French, German, and Italian, making her a culturally versatile instructor. Stella's services are available online, allowing for flexible learning opportunities."

BAH Teacher #3687

" Learning to play the piano is fundamental to every human being. "

BAH Teacher #2701

"I truly believe that everyone can, and should sing. Not only is it an escape, but a therapeutic release from everyday life. "

BAH Teacher #2536

"Math, science and medicine are why we survive, but the arts are why we thrive."

BAH Teacher #2272

"Joanna is a talented music teacher based in Toronto, offering lessons in a wide range of instruments including piano, guitar (electric and acoustic), voice, electric bass, ukulele, and more. Her studio welcomes students from the age of 7 to adults, catering to various skill levels from beginners to those looking to hone their talents further. Joanna's teaching philosophy is centered on challenging students to be their best selves while nurturing their unique musical voices. Her educational background in music, combined with her experience in composition and songwriting, equips her to offer a comprehensive and creative learning experience. She emphasizes the importance of technique, expression, and creativity in her lessons, aiming to inspire and motivate her students through music. Whether you prefer online lessons or in-studio sessions, Joanna is ready to guide you on your musical journey with patience, expertise, and enthusiasm."

BAH Teacher #2889

"Music is the language of my soul, the very essence of the fabric of my innermost being. "

BAH Teacher #2841

"Those who wish to sing always find a song."

BAH Teacher #2836

"My goal is to empower my students to become confident and skilled singers, embracing their unique journey of musical growth and self-discovery."

BAH Teacher #2832

"Every student is different so the teacher has to have an ability to adapt the lesson around the student to discover the student's musical interests. "

BAH Teacher #2706

"Students. Are. My. Priority. Always."

BAH Teacher #2155

"We learn at YOUR pace, not mine, and we'll have a lot of fun along the way."

BAH Teacher #2660

"I prioritize enjoyment and confidence-building in piano and music as a whole."

BAH Teacher #2657

"Music and musical expression is an integral component to development and growth."

BAH Teacher #2643

"Music isn't just for school; it's for life."

BAH Teacher #2637

"Music is my life and I'd love to show you what I know! "

BAH Teacher #2229

"An efficient and free sound is found with lots of fun, exploration, and repetition."

BAH Teacher #2625

"My goal is to teach in a way that reflects the joy and fulfillment that can come from music."

BAH Teacher #2556

"Music education is about fostering discipline, creativity, and emotional expression."

BAH Teacher #2526

"‘Interest is the best teacher’."

BAH Teacher #2904

"My purpose is to support each person's unique journey with music as a joyful, potent force for growth and change in our lives."

BAH Teacher #2406

"While foundational skills are essential, I believe it's the students who ultimately decide how to utilize those skills."

BAH Teacher #2319

"Singing is an intrinsic part of being human and an essential element of our cultures and communication."

BAH Teacher #2241

"Learning to sing takes time, devotion, perseverance and practice!"

BAH Teacher #2333

"Every student has the capacity to learn and embrace music—it's all about discovering the unique path that resonates with them."

BAH Teacher #2348

"I want to empower others to discover their voices and experience the sheer delight that comes from doing what they love."

BAH Teacher #2393

"Music is a tool to have with you in all areas of life."

BAH Teacher #2402

"Engage, Educate, Enjoy"

BAH Teacher #2413

"The values I've imbibed infuse passion into every performance, lesson, and coaching I provide. "

BAH Teacher #2518

"Teaching is a weighty responsibility, dedicated to each student's triumph."

BAH Teacher #2434

"Music is the one thing I was always sure I wanted to make and would never get tired of."

BAH Teacher #2437

"I'm here to share my teaching gifts with anyone who's eager to learn."

BAH Teacher #2474

"I keep learning from my students as they keep learning from my experience. "

BAH Teacher #2910

"As a teacher, my goal is to provide tools to my students that are required in order to achieve their personal musical goals. "

BAH Teacher #2488

"My job is to help be your compass and help guide you to find your own musical excitement, much like others have done for me."

BAH Teacher #2511

"The voice is the gateway to the soul, and I believe every person deserves to discover their inner child at play through music and music exploration. "

BAH Teacher #2898

"My job is to create an intimate, comfortable space for the student, and make magic happen."

BAH Teacher #3174

"We will do our best to develop your voice and will work together on the goals you are seeking to become a great vocalist."

BAH Teacher #2933

"Singing for me is the most beautiful act of sharing and self discovery."

BAH Teacher #3257

"I believe in the importance of singing for joy – Never lose sight of the joy!"

BAH Teacher #2956

"My goal is to make the musical journey rewarding and enjoyable, with a commitment to excellence. "

BAH Teacher #3216

"I am very patient and am always willing to try different modes of instruction and communication to better suit the individual needs of the student."

BAH Teacher #3221

"I teach music with a firm belief that everyone can develop their musical abilities..."

BAH Teacher #3227

"What is more satisfying than being able to express ourselves? "

BAH Teacher #3229

"I aim to build on a singers strengths but also work on the techniques they struggle with."

BAH Teacher #3256

"I want to guide you into loving your voice and being able to know how to use it with all of the colours you possess already. "

BAH Teacher #1861

"If you already love listening to music, imagine playing music. You'll see, it's magic!"

BAH Teacher #3197

"I do not want the lesson to be stressful for the student; I want them to have fun and enjoy themselves while learning. "

BAH Teacher #1866

"Enabling a student to access that inner expression allows them to grow not only as a singer but also as an artist."

BAH Teacher #3277

"Learning music is a wonderful opportunity and being able to teach others about music is a gift. "

BAH Teacher #1874

"Music should be enjoyable and a passion."

BAH Teacher #3310

"Everyone has elements to learn from studying music, as it is a language integral to human nature."

BAH Teacher #3311

"When it comes to teaching, I believe in positive reinforcement and endless optimism."

BAH Teacher #3339

"Find self-motivation and dedication from the right teacher!"

BAH Teacher #3208

"I believe music lessons should be fun but also possess elements of academics and structure."

BAH Teacher #2312

"I love to give people the same opportunity to develop the love of singing that I was given at a young age!"

BAH Teacher #3190

" I love to see that instant moment of surprise and joy when a student achieves something with their voice they have never done before."

BAH Teacher #3103

"I believe people learn better when they are relaxed and having fun."

BAH Teacher #3161

" I will help each and every student achieve their own personal goals!"

BAH Teacher #3050

"Each lesson will focus on strengthening your vocal ability while incorporating songs that you know and love."

BAH Teacher #3140

"I am so excited to make music with my students, guiding them to healthy habits of singing and giving constructive feedback."

BAH Teacher #3133

"I have been teaching music to preschoolers, schoolchildren and adults. "

BAH Teacher #3124

"Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age."

BAH Teacher #1409

"I believe in the transformative power of music, enriching lives not only in childhood but throughout adulthood as well."

BAH Teacher #3085

"Many of my students have advanced to University to study music, including to the University of Toronto, Western and Laurier."

BAH Teacher #3088

"Music, (whether performing, listening /reflecting, composing or creating a visual response) helps a person to grow in creativity and to develop communication skills, performance skills and self-confidence."

BAH Teacher #3187

" I aim to provide my students with the same essence of teaching as I have received over the many years of my experience under my teacher's tutelage. "

BAH Teacher #3469

"I have 2 decades of experience playing a wide variety of genres on guitar, including classical, jazz, rock, blue grass, blues, country, metal and more."

BAH Teacher #3763

"During lessons, students will learn how to master their instrument, which will give them the facility to play any type of music that they desire."

BAH Teacher #2825

"Everyone should get the chance to see if music can be as important for them as it is for me. "

BAH Teacher #4050

"I believe that everyone can be taught, the main thing is to have a passion for the instrument"

BAH Teacher #3421

"My teaching motto is “Practice produces progress, intentionality increases improvements.”"

BAH Teacher #2075

"In everything related to music, be it performance or lessons, the core should always be the joy and profound emotional impact that music brings."

BAH Teacher #3107

"Music and compassion work together to create a sense of love, curiosity, and discovery."

BAH Teacher #3772

"I prioritize understanding each student's goals and building strong teacher-student relationships."

BAH Teacher #3907

"I believe that learning to sing should be a fun and stress free environment!"

BAH Teacher #3104

"My goal is to provide a supportive, fun environment for students to build strong technique foundations and develop their musical sense for full expression in music."

BAH Teacher #3441

"I strive to empower my students to become not only skilled musicians but also passionate ambassadors of music."

BAH Teacher #3852

"I believe that everyone should enjoy music and should be capable of either playing, reading, or singing music to their heart's content."

BAH Teacher #3318

"Music is life changing."

BAH Teacher #3559

"I love to see people grow and flourish while getting the guidance and assistance I was never able to have!"

BAH Teacher #3636

" Natashia, with over 30 years of passion for gospel and pop music, has performed across North America and dedicated fifteen years to teaching vocal performance. Her expertise spans coaching in vocal tone, projection, and stage presence, preparing students for university auditions, Kiwanis Music Festival competitions, and Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. Offering in-home, in-studio, and online lessons, Natashia tailors her approach to meet the unique needs of each student, ensuring a personalized and impactful learning experience."

BAH Teacher #3377

"Become the Best Musician You Can Be - Expert Instruction from a Lifelong Musician!"

BAH Teacher #3461

"Ultimately, I strive to instill in my students a heightened awareness of timer enabling them to connect with music on a profound level. "

BAH Teacher #2253

"Gerda is a distinguished voice teacher based in Dorval, offering lessons to students from age 6 to adults. With a teaching studio located in Dorval, she provides a range of lessons including voice, ear training, music theory for beginners to intermediates, and solfege. Gerda is known for her patient, passionate, and joyful teaching approach, ensuring each student's vocal instrument is developed step by step. She offers lessons in-home, in her studio, or online, making her classes accessible to everyone."

BAH Teacher #2175

"I believe anyone can improve their singing with the right teacher and right approach. "

BAH Teacher #2160

"Without music life would be a mistake."

BAH Teacher #1332

"My philosophy is to follow the voice and help it become as free as it can be."

BAH Teacher #3854

"Music is one of the last forms of magic that we still have in this world. "

BAH Teacher #3361

"Unleash your unique artistic voice with my guidance and creativity, as together we unlock your full potential and share the joy of music with the world."

BAH Teacher #2287

"Learning something new is always an enriching and fun process. "

BAH Teacher #3740

"Laura is a passionate and versatile music teacher offering piano and voice lessons to students from the age of 5 to adults in Montreal. With a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and currently pursuing a Master of Music in Choral Conducting, Laura brings a rich educational background to her teaching. Her studio is a welcoming space for learning, whether you're in her studio, at your home, or online. Emphasizing a stress-free learning environment, Laura tailors her lessons to each student's interests, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable musical journey."

BAH Teacher #3677

"My job is to create a space where students can explore their voice and develop it in a healthy, coordinated way."

BAH Teacher #3051

"Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age, and I make certain that students learn without a lot of undue stress and anxiety. "

BAH Teacher #3308

"Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age, without joy, there is no music, and without music, there is no joy."

BAH Teacher #3912

"I think we all know that our voice, or the voicing system, is not only an instrument but also the core of our daily expressions. "

What benefits do online voice lessons offer?

Choice of teacher: Online voice lessons offer more flexibility in choice of teacher. Where before we would be limited by what teachers where in our neighbourhood or city, we can now explore music teachers from all over the country and the world.

There are also certain cognitive benefits to music learning online. The format forces a sort of concentration and listening that is hard to beat. Actually students and parents roften report increased attention span and retention of what has been learned.

You might have had a negative experience with online learning in groups. This is understandable. Online sessions with 30 some odd learners are less than ideal. However in the case of individual instruction the negatives are minimal and the positives are measurable.

What is the best method or software for online lessons?

Online voice lessons, often referred to as zoom voice lessons, are best managed on the Zoom conferencing service. Zoom is a software you download to your computer that uses your internet browser to hold a video call. There is no free trial it is simply free. There are paid plans but they are not needed for teacher or student unless you want to have group sessions longer than 40 minutes.

There are other platforms available like skype or facetime but they do not have the correct audio fidelity to do a good job of a music lesson. They may in fact work just fine for certain instruments but the reality is that the echo-cancellation of the software can turn a trumpet for example into an electric guitar. The advanced settings of the audio menu in Zoom will show you the best way to set up a zoom call for a music lesson.

It's very important to make sure you have a good trial run from the outset. Your goal is to learn to play in your lessons not to be learning how to set up the machine. Here's an easy tutorial. (zoom music lesson set up presentation)

Music teachers will appreciate the waiting room like functionality of the Zoom application. Students arrive and are put in a virtual waiting room just like in a real office. As a teacher you can even pop in to your virtual waiting room and send a message to a waiting student that you'll be another five minutes.

A special note about beginner lessons for children. If your child is younger your participation will be more important than ever. This is not new, young children with parents that are involved in their learning to play are more successful always. This experience can be very enriching to a parent child relationship and sometimes the parent winds up becoming a student and a teacher all at once.

What kind of equipment do I need?

The majority of students will be fine with a laptop or a tablet and a nice pair of headphones to start their online learning. Smartphones are a possibility but the small size of screen is less than ideal. Phones can be useful as a second camera to show certain different angles of for example voice fingering or hand position.

Music teachers can invest in better and/or additional cameras or microphones but there's no reason we can't start with the basics.

If you really want the very best rig possible here are my recommendations. Again this is not at all necessary and perhaps a good investment for the busy online teacher or the student that just loves gear:

  • You want perhaps a better camera or a second camera and a stereo mic. Here is a link to a 4k camera with a built in stereo mic that will give you very professional result in your video lessons. The manufacturer is also called Zoom but there is no connection between the 2 companies.
  • You also might want a workable tablet and writing surface. I recommend an iPad pro or the regular version with an Apple pencil stylus and the app goodnotes. This is helpful for drawing and writing on staff paper or sheet music while teaching music theory or marking up a score. The ability to read music and draw is a great advantage to be able to have.
  • You will need a great set of headphones to use the best features in the Zoom software. They should be slim enough to allow you to play or sing without distraction.

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