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Online piano lessons are happening more than ever due to COVID. But the great secret is not so much that people are using this technology at an increasing rate to learn piano online. The secret is that this format has a lot of benefits for teaching music lessons. Beethoven at home has hundreds of professionals waiting to help you whether you need beginner lessons, advanced piano lessons or you just want to learn to play your favorite popular songs or video game music. We offer nearly every instrument lessons including piano, voice, violin, wind instruments and percussion. Live online lessons are up to 5 times more productive than merely watching videos and attempting to learn independently. If you can already play by ear a little bit then working with a trained teacher will bring that talent into better focus for you.


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BAH Teacher #3774

" I believe that everyone has their own personal method of learning that works best for them. "

BAH Teacher #1075

"My job as an educator is to share my love of music and knowledge."

BAH Teacher #3086

"The performance of music has great power to comfort not only oneself but also those who are trapped in emotional darkness and to let my students know it’s a great force to help people in need get out of that darkness."

BAH Teacher #604

"Everyone possesses musical talent waiting to be uncovered and nurtured."

BAH Teacher #3125

"I encourage students to push past their limitations, improve instrument performance and be motivated to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of this amazing art form. "

BAH Teacher #1403

"Piano skills and music theory are interwoven."

BAH Teacher #2955

"Music deserves a special place in everyone's life."

BAH Teacher #4030

"I want students to listen to and learn from the music that they enjoy to deepen their knowledge of music, and to understand why they like the music that they like."

BAH Teacher #2305

"Music is not just an art form but also an avenue for exercising creativity and honing logical, detail-oriented thinking."

BAH Teacher #3520

"Through music, students will develop personal self-growth, greater understanding of their identity, and an increase in self-esteem."

BAH Teacher #2106

"My greatest passion lies in guiding students to see the big picture of music – not only as a path of learning but also as a source of pure enjoyment."

BAH Teacher #3418

"Music should be both fun and educational."

BAH Teacher #2387

"The universality of music is what makes it so inclusive and accessible to everyone."

BAH Teacher #3011

"Enjoy the music moments in my classes. Feel the melody on the keyboard! "

BAH Teacher #3015

" One can see how much music actually affects one’s life by learning it."

BAH Teacher #3281

"I aim to maximize each student's potential and ensure that the student is fully engaged and comfortable with their learning."

BAH Teacher #3712

"My goal is that lessons are fun, interesting and stress-free. "

BAH Teacher #1482

"Music is no longer homework or a chore when it becomes fun and enjoyable. "

BAH Teacher #3255

"No matter what we do as musicians, we are all influencing people in our own way."

BAH Teacher #3827

"My aim is to make learning music fun and enjoyable."

BAH Teacher #2965

" I believe that building a strong, positive, and professional relationship with the student allows the student to be comfortable during music lessons."

BAH Teacher #3849

"We all have rhythm and sound from the heartbeat to the sound of breath, and formal training in music is only a way to deeply get to know what already exists in every person. "

BAH Teacher #1986

"My ultimate goal is to introduce my students to the lifelong journey of music and nurture their passion for it."

BAH Teacher #1901

"My goal is to inspire and guide the student towards discovering something they truly love."

BAH Teacher #3639

"Music represents a beautiful intersection between art, science, and technology. "

BAH Teacher #2872

"Music education knows no age boundaries."

BAH Teacher #3595

"Music is one of the most creative forms of the arts and should be taught in the same way."

BAH Teacher #2083

"I strive to discover and unleash the full potential of each student's unique talents."

BAH Teacher #2784

"It is my mission to immerse my students in the wonders of music and impart upon them the ability to appreciate it deeply."

BAH Teacher #3244

"My piano teaching philosophy emphasizes the development of technical skills, musicality, and creativity in the student. "

BAH Teacher #2067

"Individuals of all ages and levels who are passionate and wish to develop their skills will succeed in music."

BAH Teacher #2245

"Through music, we can deepen our understanding of ourselves, but also develop stronger connections with others."

BAH Teacher #4033

"I believe that music is an embodied experience of true freedom."

BAH Teacher #2665

"Remember, practice is vital for progress, and I'll be here to guide you every step of the way in your musical adventure!"

BAH Teacher #3026

"I highly encourage a student's self-interpretation of music from which we will learn and grow as both teacher and student."

BAH Teacher #3917

"Music can be learned at any age."

BAH Teacher #3367

"I am a passionate piano teacher committed to providing top-quality learning experiences for students through innovative teaching methods and ideas. "

BAH Teacher #3585

"By nurturing students' passion for music and instilling confidence, I aim to inspire their musical potential and cultivate a lifelong love for music."

BAH Teacher #4041

"I emphasize the development of a strong foundation in technique, musicality, and aural perception, while also valuing the experience of performing and sharing music with others. "

BAH Teacher #2208

"I aim to cultivate independent and critically thinking musicians."

BAH Teacher #540

"Mike is a BAH teacher providing bass clarinet, clarinet, piano, recorder, and saxophone lessons from the age of 5 to adults. His teaching studio is located in Vancouver. Mike's approach to teaching is dedicated to fostering student progress and enhancing their overall musicianship. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia, a Master of Music from Queens College NYC, and a Master of Music Education from the University of British Columbia. Mike offers lessons both online and at his studio in Vancouver. "

BAH Teacher #2862

"With a focus on positivity, I aim to inspire and encourage my students to reach new heights in their musical exploration."

BAH Teacher #3235

"A positive learning environment can positively affect one’s learning experience."

BAH Teacher #4031

"It's my goal to help students discover the joy and emotional depth that music can offer, guiding them on a journey that explores the vast landscape of musical expression."

BAH Teacher #3981

"Keeping the joy of music alive through my teaching is my main goal!"

BAH Teacher #1608

"I strongly believe that parental involvement and support are crucial in achieving our goals. "

BAH Teacher #1787

"Myles, a Vancouver-based music teacher with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria, specializes in piano, music history, and advanced music theory. Offering a blend of classical training and a passion for various music genres, he aims to inspire students of all ages. Lessons are available online and in your home, tailored to each student's unique musical journey."

BAH Teacher #1719

"Learning the harp is not just about playing the right notes at the right time; it's also about expressing feelings, creativity, and sharing stories through music."

BAH Teacher #2647

"Each student is unique and learns in their own special way."

BAH Teacher #2442

"Embracing the joy of music, from leisurely exploration to examinations and competitions."

BAH Teacher #1887

"Each student is unique, and discovering what works best for them is part of the joy of teaching."

BAH Teacher #1548

"Step by step, we'll progress towards excellence."

BAH Teacher #2116

"Meet Wendi, a dedicated and passionate piano teacher with Beethoven at Home, offering lessons to students of all ages, from toddlers to adults. With her studio located in the vibrant city of Vancouver, Wendi brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to every lesson. Whether you're seeking to master classical pieces, explore modern music, or dive into improvisation, Wendi tailors her teaching approach to fit each student's individual needs and goals. Wendi's teaching philosophy centers on fostering a deep love for music while building a solid foundation in technique and musicality. She believes in challenging students just enough to achieve a state of flow, ensuring lessons are both engaging and rewarding. With a background that includes an ARCT Diploma in piano performance and extensive performing experience, Wendi is well-equipped to guide students on their musical journeys. For those interested in taking their skills to the next level, Wendi offers preparation for RCM exams and performance coaching. She is also fluent in English and Mandarin, making her lessons accessible to a diverse range of students. Ready to embark on a musical adventure with Wendi? Book an interview now and discover the joy of piano with a teacher who truly cares about your growth and success."

BAH Teacher #807

"Proper musical training is invaluable, not just for those aspiring to be professionals, but for everyone."

BAH Teacher #3617

"I believe in a variegated approach to teaching, merging theory, learning by ear, games to improve rapidity and familiarity with music, and technical attention to detail!"

BAH Teacher #2826

"By fostering a love for music and providing an enjoyable learning environment, I aim to inspire my students to reach their full potential on their musical journey."

BAH Teacher #2225

"Enjoying and having a personal connection to the music being played is crucial for effective learning."

BAH Teacher #1723

"Parental involvement in students’ musical journey is highly recommended."

BAH Teacher #3973

"Beethoven says: 'To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.'"

BAH Teacher #3859

"Regardless of your skill level, I can empower you to unlock your hidden potential and reach your destiny in the world of classical music. "

BAH Teacher #3930

"Music is fundamental to my being, and I believe that it is integral to the education of any person. "

BAH Teacher #2036

"Joy and play are essential components of successful learning at any age."

BAH Teacher #523

"I strive to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in my teaching. "

BAH Teacher #2388

"Make the piano sing, through good technique and sound music reading with creative interpretation."

BAH Teacher #3800

"It is essential to motivate students for an efficient home practice, but it is also great to give them freedom to choose a place for music in their life."

BAH Teacher #3132

"The skills I teach are part of a rounded musical education that will help you or your child to play and have fun with the wonderful world of sound."

BAH Teacher #4023

"As an educator, my aim is to help students learn and build on current musical skills while creating a fun and engaging environment."

BAH Teacher #3385

"By fostering a nurturing and supportive environment, I encourage students to explore their unique musicality as well as their technical foundations."

BAH Teacher #2838

"Learning with me will be a fun-filled experience that brings out the best in you!"

BAH Teacher #4004

"I love to help students to connect with music."

BAH Teacher #1681

"Music is more than just a skill; it's an art, a philosophy, and a language. "

BAH Teacher #2867

"Learning music should be a joyful and immersive experience."

BAH Teacher #2373

"There is something magical and fundamental about music, and as a teacher I inspire my students to see that."

BAH Teacher #3760

"Piano playing should be a source of personal fulfillment - I believe that all students are capable of achieving this."

BAH Teacher #2012

"Practicing an musical instrument is a journey of curiosity, excitement and joy."

BAH Teacher #3214

"Music not only fills our lives but also our hearts and souls and we get to share it with others!"

BAH Teacher #3478

"Playing piano is a way to express yourself, understand others, and connect with the world. "

BAH Teacher #1806

"My passion lies in guiding children to unlock their full potential in piano."

BAH Teacher #2796

"I take pleasure in imparting musical skills to my students, skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives."

BAH Teacher #2022

"My goal is to ignite a true passion for music within you."

BAH Teacher #3610

" Music making can unleash the hidden power that we are not aware of, the ability to coordinate bodily movement, breathing and hearing gives us feeling of control and orderliness. "

BAH Teacher #3927

"My teaching philosophy is rooted in my passion for music and my desire to share it with others. "

BAH Teacher #3888

"I find fulfillment in guiding students on their musical journey, helping them discover their unique talents, and nurturing their creativity. "

BAH Teacher #517

"Right motivation, commitment to the goal, and an appropriate pace."

BAH Teacher #3271

"Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age, and I make certain that students learn without a lot of undue stress and anxiety."

BAH Teacher #3704

"I believe my role is to inspire people who love music to realize their potential. "

BAH Teacher #1804

"Music resides within every individual, and my role as a teacher is to help them connect with, nurture, and express their inner music."

BAH Teacher #2869

"Discipline is Key, but motivation is The Door. "

BAH Teacher #2030

"I believe that music is an expression of the soul and therefore seek to unlock each individual learning style. "

BAH Teacher #3609

"We all have rhythm, and we all have musical talent inside of us. "

BAH Teacher #2367

"By instilling a love for music and cultivating their skills, I hope to empower my students to find their own joy in music and become ambassadors of musical happiness in their communities."

BAH Teacher #3546

"While the pursuit of learning an instrument requires and aids in the development of discipline and focus, above all, it should bring joy."

BAH Teacher #3466

"Music is an emotional expression reflected through sounds."

BAH Teacher #2049

"It is my heartfelt desire to pass on this transformative power of music to others and make a positive difference in their lives."

BAH Teacher #3596

" It is my intention in every lesson to take a student beyond where they usually stop in life, to constantly have them redefine what is possible for themselves."

BAH Teacher #2541

"My goal is to empower my students to embrace the beauty of music and become their best musical selves, fostering a lifelong appreciation and connection to this incredible art form."

BAH Teacher #1028

"My goal is to make the learning process enjoyable and rewarding, while also encouraging self-expression through music."

BAH Teacher #3459

"Purpose is exactly what I strive to teach to my music students."

BAH Teacher #3979

"I strive to adapt my teaching approach to each student's personality and learning style, and I am open to wishes from students or parents regarding specific learning goals or curriculums."

BAH Teacher #2640

"Music is all about expressing oneself and letting others know who you are through your playing."

BAH Teacher #3022

"My goal is to develop natural talents with fun and engaging lessons."

BAH Teacher #2276

"Let’s find the music you love most and work towards playing the way you want!"

BAH Teacher #1766

"I believe in meeting students where they're at and working to foster their unique creativity while simultaneously bringing a conservatory educational approach."

BAH Teacher #786

"Every student is unique, possessing their own talents and strengths."

BAH Teacher #2173

"I reject the notion of labeling singers as "just singers.""

BAH Teacher #3796

" I alway seek to assess my student's needs and create an approach and environment that helps them to succeed."

BAH Teacher #3506

"Music is an integral part of the human condition! It allows us to build relationships and tell stories."

BAH Teacher #3505

"I believe that the learning process should be simple and fun."

BAH Teacher #3163

"I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher who is dedicated to helping my students reach their full potential."

BAH Teacher #3161

" I will help each and every student achieve their own personal goals!"

BAH Teacher #3147

"I believe that absolutely everyone can sing!"

BAH Teacher #3133

"I have been teaching music to preschoolers, schoolchildren and adults. "

BAH Teacher #3420

" As long as you remain patient and passionate, you will succeed!"

BAH Teacher #3135

"I have had very strict teachers growing up, but I believe that we can achieve excellence while having fun without stressing out. "

BAH Teacher #3390

"My teaching philosophy is providing a comprehensive understanding which will lead to self confidence, giving children a greater desire to learn more"

BAH Teacher #3457

"As an educator I strive to adapt to the individual needs of each person I am working with to create an environment where students feel heard, safe, and excited to express themselves and explore the world of music."

BAH Teacher #3454

"I always strive to create a nurturing environment where my students can relax, celebrate their achievements, and feel like they can talk to me like they are my equal."

BAH Teacher #3141

"My love of Music and performance is matched by my love of educating young performers and helping them reach their fullest potential! "

BAH Teacher #3428

"There are so many great things happened in my music journey, and I feel privileged to bring the joy and achievement to my fellow students."

BAH Teacher #3432

" I teach in a way that instills self-confidence and individuality."

BAH Teacher #3413

"I encourage more intermediate students to push themselves further and to really listen to their own playing as they progress to higher levels!"

BAH Teacher #3366

"My goal as a teacher is to make performing music fun, enjoyable and also to share that feeling of wonder when the fundamentals behind how music works are understood."

BAH Teacher #3386

"I believe in sharing the pure joy of playing the piano, the satisfaction of reaching personal goals, and the freedom to express oneself through music. "

BAH Teacher #3305

"Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your playing to the next level, I am here to help you achieve your musical dreams."

BAH Teacher #3277

"Learning music is a wonderful opportunity and being able to teach others about music is a gift. "

BAH Teacher #3279

"I encourage my students to explore their musical potential, discover their unique musical identities, and achieve their goals."

BAH Teacher #3239

"I believe that there is no such thing as perfection, only improvement."

BAH Teacher #3238

"My ultimate goal as a teacher is to nourish students’ love for music and help them develop lifelong relationships with their instruments."

BAH Teacher #3282

"I believe that playing piano is one of the art forms of expression and I hope that students could play piano as a means of self expression and also enjoyment."

BAH Teacher #3225

"Hard work and having faith in yourself are essential elements of successful learning, and I make certain that students learn without a lot of stress and anxiety. "

BAH Teacher #3290

"The foundation of any successful piano education is built on a solid understanding of music theory and reading music notation."

BAH Teacher #3292

"Starting on our road to piano performance makes us become an active player in this cultural and artistic tradition!"

BAH Teacher #3223

"To Teach Music is to Touch Lives Forever"

BAH Teacher #3221

"I teach music with a firm belief that everyone can develop their musical abilities..."

BAH Teacher #3216

"I am very patient and am always willing to try different modes of instruction and communication to better suit the individual needs of the student."

BAH Teacher #3325

"I am interested in fostering an educational environment that is engaging, creative, and intuitive."

BAH Teacher #3172

"Whether formally in school, or casually for my own enjoyment - music has become a lifelong endeavour. "

BAH Teacher #3328

"I recognize that each student is unique and has their own learning style, abilities, and musical interests. "

BAH Teacher #3212

"Music is a key element and a part of us all that can be unlocked if taught and supported."

BAH Teacher #3208

"I believe music lessons should be fun but also possess elements of academics and structure."

BAH Teacher #3201

"The piano can also be a way to develop self-awareness and discover the unique creative self..."

BAH Teacher #3335

"Discover Your Musical Talents: Join me for Fun and Engaging Lessons for All Ages and Levels!"

BAH Teacher #3197

"I do not want the lesson to be stressful for the student; I want them to have fun and enjoy themselves while learning. "

BAH Teacher #3338

"I believe that music has the capability to bring people of all kinds together and bring joy and harmony into everyone's lives. "

BAH Teacher #3339

"Find self-motivation and dedication from the right teacher!"

BAH Teacher #3393

""I am committed to having my students reach their musical goals by guiding lessons based on their individual interests and needs.""

BAH Teacher #3515

"Every student deserves to feel supported no matter what, in their musical journey. "

BAH Teacher #3177

"I am hands-on and passionate when it comes to teaching."

BAH Teacher #3382

"Music is a great joy, and it is this joy that I want to share with students of all ages and levels of learning."

BAH Teacher #3256

"I want to guide you into loving your voice and being able to know how to use it with all of the colours you possess already. "

BAH Teacher #39

"I believe in integrating music theory lessons into their favorite music, making it relevant to their lives."

BAH Teacher #3518

" J'intègre au fur et à mesure les matières théoriques et de la lecture musicale nécessaires à la pratique."

BAH Teacher #3913

"My lessons provide a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to embrace challenges and celebrate the little achievements along the journey."

BAH Teacher #3942

" I accept students of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, genders and special needs."

BAH Teacher #3937

"I look forward to connecting with you and helping you with your music journey online!"

BAH Teacher #3933

"I am well-versed in the intricate connections between theory, technique, and the art of performing."

BAH Teacher #3931

"There is nothing quite like the feeling of watching my students perform on stage."

BAH Teacher #3926

"I aim to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere, without stress or performance pressure."

BAH Teacher #3925

"I'm a strong believer of the saying that music comes from within and every soul has it."

BAH Teacher #3898

"I engage students in activities that require them to be creative, disciplined, flexible, and work cooperatively with others."

BAH Teacher #3954

"I'm here to help my students discover the beauty, expressiveness, and joy that music can bring into their lives."

BAH Teacher #3895

"Different aspects of music can be approached from different points of view, that's make the study of music even more fascinating. "

BAH Teacher #3894

"I strive to meet students where they find joy in music and to help them develop their own artistic voice."

BAH Teacher #4059

" WIth experience teaching not only music but Theatre and Dance, I have a highly adaptable teaching style and interdisciplinary perspective to share."

BAH Teacher #3885

" I enjoy instilling my students the belief that their voices are instruments of empowerment, serving as beacons of authenticity and self-assuredness."

BAH Teacher #3862

" I hope to work towards goals we are BOTH excited about, and see them come into fruition!"

BAH Teacher #3857

"I love sharing my knowledge with other people guiding them to achieve their goals in music."

BAH Teacher #3824

" I would say it is never too late! Everyone can enjoy music equally!"

BAH Teacher #3950

"I believe that sometimes words can't describe what we're painting in our minds, but only music can!"

BAH Teacher #3955

"Connecting through the piano is my favorite way to 'talk' and share stories, spreading joy and healing through this universal gift. "

BAH Teacher #3810

"I focus my teaching on helping my students discover the means through which they can both enjoy and progress toward realizing their dreams. "

BAH Teacher #4015

"From the physical to the emotional and the psychological, music education serves only to benefit whoever is fortunate enough to experience it."

BAH Teacher #4054

"My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that music is more than just a series of notes; it is a reflection and expression of the human experience, a mirror of our souls."

BAH Teacher #4052

"As a piano and music instructor, I have four years of teaching expertise, characterized by a gentle and patient approach. "

BAH Teacher #4049

"I believe that joy is inherent in music, and my philosophy aims to make learning a joyful and enriching experience for students of all ages."

BAH Teacher #4047

"As a professional musician myself, I believe it's necessary to relay the importance of music to those who're interested and want to learn."

BAH Teacher #4032

"Taking time to reflect and really understand one’s talents and goals is key to feeling confident and being successful."

BAH Teacher #4029

"Let’s make music together and grow to become better musicians!"

BAH Teacher #4026

"Combining classical and contemporary techniques is the best way to go through musical education."

BAH Teacher #4012

"My teaching philosophy is to provide the life long gift of music to students by recognizing and helping the student develop their musical child within."

BAH Teacher #3960

"Music can evoke emotions, tell stories, and bring people together."

BAH Teacher #4009

"Each student learns in a different way, and my work with your help, is to discover your way of learning."

BAH Teacher #4005

"My goal is to instill a lifelong appreciation for music in my students and equip them with the skills to become confident and expressive pianists."

BAH Teacher #3999

"I want my students to enjoy music and find themselves through music."

BAH Teacher #3997

"I believe that every student is unique, with distinct learning styles and aspirations."

BAH Teacher #3984

"I always tell my students: It is never too late to make your dream become true!! "

BAH Teacher #3970

"I have developed certain learning strategies that have worked for most of my students, that make the most of the technology available, while speeding up the process of learning to play songs, in a fun way. "

BAH Teacher #3962

"My methods guide each student through a methodical and successful path in the musical learning process."

BAH Teacher #3816

" I can teach you how to stop fearing your voice and become comfortable and confident with the sounds you creat and the emotions you conjure while singing."

BAH Teacher #3808

" I have a versatile teaching style with a focus on healthy singing techniques and exploring the untapped potential of the voice. "

BAH Teacher #3525

"I am well versed in the different ways people learn, and I am able to accommodate their needs."

BAH Teacher #3578

"In my lessons, I will be teaching you how to play pieces with relaxed body and easier gestures. "

BAH Teacher #3619

"I believe in creating a nurturing and inspiring environment where students can explore their musical passions freely. "

BAH Teacher #3612

" I love to play the piano and inspire children to love the piano as much as I do. "

BAH Teacher #3601

"My ultimate goal is to give everything I know to my students, to make them better musicians and happier human beings."

BAH Teacher #3591

"Looking forward to becoming part of your or your child's classical music journey! "

BAH Teacher #3590

"Over the course of the last 20 years, my passion for teaching has revolved around imparting the knowledge and appreciation of music to my students."

BAH Teacher #3586

"My goal is to allow students to develop and explore their own musical talent and voice."

BAH Teacher #3574

"I try make a fun teaching environment for all my students in my music lessons."

BAH Teacher #3803

"A student's enjoyment of music and playing their instrument is very important and can greatly help with their learning."

BAH Teacher #3571

"When we succeed, we nurture a relationship with music that can sustain a lifetime of creative joy. "

BAH Teacher #3565

"Music is my passion, and I believe it is also a way for someone to identify themselves and feel a sense of belonging to a community."

BAH Teacher #3563

"With just a pluck of a violin string, a vibrating note on a grand piano, and a singer opening their throat to let their sound come through, everyone understands the feeling that comes when we hear what music is made of. "

BAH Teacher #3555

" I teach music to make people grow, no matter their skills or their age. "

BAH Teacher #3545

"Each person is different so no two music lessons should be exactly the same."

BAH Teacher #3539

"I believe in instruction that caters to each student's unique needs."

BAH Teacher #3534

" I aim to empower my students to become independent learners - giving them the skills and confidence to take the initiative necessary to continue their educational journey through life. "

BAH Teacher #3624

"Nurturing Musical Minds: Where Learning Becomes Harmony, Growth, and Joy."

BAH Teacher #3632

"You don't have to compare yourself to others, because what you are doing and how you are doing it matters the most."

BAH Teacher #3799

"My students not only learn to play, but also gain a profound connection to the art of music, ensuring a well-rounded musical education that nurtures their joyful creativity and lifelong passion."

BAH Teacher #3737

"Playing an instrument aids in the development of self-discipline and coordination, while providing a lifetime of enjoyment."

BAH Teacher #3798

"I aspire to inspire a lifelong love for music in my students and help them realize the profound impact it can have on their lives."

BAH Teacher #3797

"I have over 20yrs experience teaching and have taught many students ages 5-85."

BAH Teacher #3794

"I prioritize individualized instruction to meet the unique needs and distinctive learning style of each student."

BAH Teacher #3780

" Music can relieve pressures from our lives, and can fill us with joy!"

BAH Teacher #3764

" My services include arranging pieces to better suit the student's level, and transcribing songs that don't yet have the arrangement we're looking for."

BAH Teacher #3751

"My specialty lies in working with younger beginners, and my teaching repertoire ranges from pop to classical music, including instruction in reading sheet music."

BAH Teacher #3745

"Music is universal and the inclusivity makes for an enjoyable experience for all involved."

BAH Teacher #3735

"Find your voice and your music! Every person is unique, and I believe that teaching music should be too!"

BAH Teacher #3637

"It is important to encourage students to develop their own voice, expression and to experiment with all available tools in their musical vocabulary."

BAH Teacher #3728

"One of my biggest personal goals is to be able to develop individuality, creativity and virtuosity in the students I teach."

BAH Teacher #3727

"I love teaching piano, because it reminds us all of the importance of spreading happiness and joy through music! "

BAH Teacher #3702

"I work on creating an environment of safety and encouragement for the smallest efforts, whatever their age is."

BAH Teacher #3688

"it my responsibility to take care of students and use a proper teaching methodology to enable them to become a great musician."

BAH Teacher #3684

"My aim is to foster a structured and encouraging atmosphere where students not only appreciate the beauty of music but also excel in achieving their desired musical goals."

BAH Teacher #3672

"My main focus is on helping the student develop a strong foundation of musical skills such as finger dexterity, sight reading and ear training. "

BAH Teacher #3668

"Learning music and playing with it can be inspiring, calming, and adding color to our lives in a proactive way."

BAH Teacher #3129

"It's a matter of personal commitment, proper direction, practice practice, some more practice and often overlooked, a love of playing."

BAH Teacher #3687

" Learning to play the piano is fundamental to every human being. "

BAH Teacher #3124

"Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age."

BAH Teacher #2379

"I strive to share a love of learning with students."

BAH Teacher #2400

" Music can be a platform for emotional growth and self expression."

BAH Teacher #2398

"Music holds the power to enrich our lives and awaken our senses to a unique perspective."

BAH Teacher #2394

"I firmly believe in teaching children based on their own motivation, tapping into the music they love and resonate with."

BAH Teacher #2393

"Music is a tool to have with you in all areas of life."

BAH Teacher #2386

"Witness remarkable improvements in your technical skills within a brief timeframe."

BAH Teacher #2384

"Motivating my students is the most important part of teaching process which helps them to grow and develop the urge to learn and excel further."

BAH Teacher #2381

"I come prepared with patience, genuine passion for my work, and the determination to go that extra mile."

BAH Teacher #2355

"Each of us has a unique reason for wanting to play music, and I wholeheartedly believe in nurturing that innate curiosity and helping students find their musical voice."

BAH Teacher #2403

"I have in-depth knowledge and teaching skills of today's most well-reputed music education systems to youngsters."

BAH Teacher #2349

"My goal is to lay a solid foundation that will allow my students to grow and thrive in whatever field they choose to go in life, be it in music or other areas."

BAH Teacher #2336

"I will create a personally tailored program that is just for you, your aptitude, and your goals. "

BAH Teacher #2333

"Every student has the capacity to learn and embrace music—it's all about discovering the unique path that resonates with them."

BAH Teacher #2322

"My approach to teaching is rooted in creativity and interactivity, aiming to engage students on a deeper level."

BAH Teacher #2307

"I aim to give students a foundation so that they may bring their skills to any platform they choose such as an orchestra, a school concert or an at home concert for mom and dad."

BAH Teacher #2295

"Music is a universal language."

BAH Teacher #2283

"Play the piano with enjoyment and musicality. "

BAH Teacher #2402

"Engage, Educate, Enjoy"

BAH Teacher #2406

"While foundational skills are essential, I believe it's the students who ultimately decide how to utilize those skills."

BAH Teacher #2272

"My approach is to challenge students to be their best and be themselves."

BAH Teacher #2488

"My job is to help be your compass and help guide you to find your own musical excitement, much like others have done for me."

BAH Teacher #2700

"My goal is to instill a fine sense of music appreciation, while at the same time, teaching students about the technical aspects of music. "

BAH Teacher #2523

"Music isn't just about pleasure or credentials; it's a realm of magnificence and passion that I'm dedicated to contributing to throughout my life."

BAH Teacher #2519

"Age doesn't matter; there's a love for music in everyone."

BAH Teacher #2518

"Teaching is a weighty responsibility, dedicated to each student's triumph."

BAH Teacher #2517

"An important goal in my teaching is that students engage at a physical, mental and emotional level with their pieces so they learn to play expressively. "

BAH Teacher #2511

"The voice is the gateway to the soul, and I believe every person deserves to discover their inner child at play through music and music exploration. "

BAH Teacher #2503

"I enjoy teaching using the traditional method of teaching & incorporating Suzuki method. "

BAH Teacher #2487

"I aim to help students connect their ears and minds with their fingers in order to help them create their own music spontaneously."

BAH Teacher #2413

"The values I've imbibed infuse passion into every performance, lesson, and coaching I provide. "

BAH Teacher #2486

"Music can help communicate ideas in ways words never could."

BAH Teacher #2910

"As a teacher, my goal is to provide tools to my students that are required in order to achieve their personal musical goals. "

BAH Teacher #2474

"I keep learning from my students as they keep learning from my experience. "

BAH Teacher #2448

"Anyone can dive in and learn."

BAH Teacher #2447

" I believe that by providing proper guidance and training I can inspire students to achieve so much within the musical world. "

BAH Teacher #2433

"A balance between fun and development is crucial in making the piano lesson experience worthwhile."

BAH Teacher #2428

"Music should be an enjoyable experience, uniquely shaped to align with the goals and passions of each individual."

BAH Teacher #2417

"I love all kinds of music and can help you play your favorite songs quickly."

BAH Teacher #2277

"I'm a firm believer in making music education both enjoyable and comprehensive. "

BAH Teacher #2244

"Each student is unique in their own ways, whether it be strengths or weaknesses. "

BAH Teacher #2567

"Through music, we can foster personal growth, build confidence, and experience pure enjoyment."

BAH Teacher #1228

"My aim as a teacher is to equip students with the skills for interpreting diverse music while fostering analytical and creative thinking."

BAH Teacher #1579

" I'm really patient and I like to focus on developing student's musicality, interest in music, and good piano technique."

BAH Teacher #1494

"I believe in making the learning process fun, creative, interactive, and imaginative."

BAH Teacher #1739

"Progress hinges on daily practice."

BAH Teacher #2180

"I want your piano journey to be not only enriching but also genuinely useful in your life."

BAH Teacher #1309

"My goal is to equip students with a well-rounded skill set and knowledge, enabling them to evolve into versatile and accomplished musicians."

BAH Teacher #1246

"I aim to give my students their own personal goals, and showing them how to achieve them. "