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Online composition lessons are happening more than ever due to COVID. But the great secret is not so much that people are using this technology at an increasing rate to learn composition online. The secret is that this format has a lot of benefits for teaching music lessons. Beethoven at home has hundreds of professionals waiting to help you whether you need beginner lessons, advanced composition lessons or you just want to learn to play your favorite popular songs or video game music. We offer nearly every instrument lessons including piano, voice, violin, wind instruments and percussion. Live online lessons are up to 5 times more productive than merely watching videos and attempting to learn independently. If you can already play by ear a little bit then working with a trained teacher will bring that talent into better focus for you.


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BAH Teacher #3629

"My ultimate aim is to cultivate skilled and passionate saxophonists who not only excel in their playing but also find joy and fulfillment in the exploration of music and art throughout their lives. "

BAH Teacher #4028

"Uday offers piano and voice lessons to students of all ages, both online and in-home in Surrey. His approach to teaching music is rooted in the belief that music is an essential skill everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Having begun his musical education at home under the guidance of his father, Uday furthered his skills with formal training, completing his 5th year at Pracheen Kala Kendra Chandigarh. His unique background combines private learning and structured education, enabling him to cater to a diverse range of student needs. Uday is committed to fostering a love for music in his students, encouraging them to explore various musical genres and styles. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, Uday's lessons, available both online and in the comfort of your home in Surrey, are tailored to help you achieve your musical ambitions."

BAH Teacher #1075

" Natalia is a dedicated and versatile music teacher based in Surrey, offering piano, composition, and voice lessons to students of all ages, from 4 to adults. With a rich educational background, including a Bachelor of Performing Arts and a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Music, Natalia brings a wealth of knowledge to her teaching. She is an accredited Suzuki teacher and holds a Grade 10 piano certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Natalia's teaching philosophy centers on creating a nurturing environment that inspires students to learn and explore music. She offers lessons online and from her studio, catering to the individual needs of each student. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, Natalia's comprehensive approach to music education will help you achieve your goals."

BAH Teacher #1545

"I use a variety of methods to break complex tasks down into simple fundamentals."

BAH Teacher #1431

"Music possesses a unique ability to portray a culture like no other art form can."

BAH Teacher #3125

"Jennifer is a passionate music teacher offering lessons in guitar, piano, singer-songwriter, ukulele, and voice for students from the age of 6 to adults. With a studio in Surrey, she's dedicated to pushing students beyond their limits and fostering a deep appreciation for music. Jennifer's lessons are available online or in her studio, making her accessible to a wide range of students. Her approach emphasizes not just technical skill, but also the joy and challenge of musical expression across various styles. "

BAH Teacher #3300

"The most important part of making music is to have fun!"

BAH Teacher #2955

"Music deserves a special place in everyone's life."

BAH Teacher #4030

"Anthony, a dedicated music teacher, excels in teaching composition, piano, singer-songwriter, and ukulele, providing both online and in-home lessons in Langley, Aldergrove, and Surrey for students aged 6 to adults. Holding a BA in Music with a focus on piano and composition, he has over ten years of experience in private piano instruction and a profound background in composing music for diverse projects. Anthony's teaching philosophy centers on encouraging students to delve into music they are passionate about, thereby deepening their musical understanding and creativity. His lessons are meticulously tailored to meet each student's unique needs, ensuring they reach their musical aspirations, from beginners to those aiming to refine their skills."

BAH Teacher #2305

"Trevor, a versatile BAH teacher, offers dynamic online lessons in composition, electric guitar, guitar, piano, and singer-songwriter from ages 5 to adults. With a passion for fostering creativity and detail-oriented thinking through music, Trevor creates a relaxed and focused learning environment. His teaching philosophy emphasizes listening skills, theoretical knowledge, and an intuitive approach to instruments, aiming to connect students' musical ear with their performance. Whether in the comfort of your home or online, Trevor's tailored lessons are designed to inspire joy and cognitive growth in music."

BAH Teacher #2106

"My greatest passion lies in guiding students to see the big picture of music – not only as a path of learning but also as a source of pure enjoyment."

BAH Teacher #1482

"Music is no longer homework or a chore when it becomes fun and enjoyable. "

BAH Teacher #3255

"Alex, a dedicated piano teacher, offers lessons to students from the age of 6 to adults. With his studio located in Surrey, he provides versatile teaching services both online and in-home, ensuring convenience for his students. Alex's teaching philosophy revolves around influencing students positively and awakening their passion for music. His education from Trinity Western University enriches his teaching approach, making him an inspirational figure in his students' musical journey. Alex is also skilled in music production, aiming to compose for film. He teaches piano, composition, harmony, music history, and advanced music theory, among other subjects. Whether you're looking for lessons in your home, online, or at Alex's studio in Surrey, he offers a comprehensive musical education that caters to various needs and levels​​."

BAH Teacher #3642

"My mission is to help you develop your talent and take your music, voice, career or project to its full potential!"

BAH Teacher #2965

"Yoanita is a dedicated music teacher, offering piano and violin lessons for students from age 4 to adults, exclusively online. She holds a Master of Music Education from The University of British Columbia and has excelled in piano and violin performance. Fluent in English, Indonesian, and Mandarin, Yoanita's teaching philosophy focuses on building a strong teacher-student rapport, ensuring a comfortable and positive learning environment. She believes in creating enjoyable and purposeful music tasks to sustain interest and spur creativity in music learning. Yoanita is ready to guide students in their musical journey, offering lessons in the comfort of their home through online platforms."

BAH Teacher #3150

"Fostering critical thinking skills is at the heart of what we do in music education and appreciation."

BAH Teacher #3639

"Music represents a beautiful intersection between art, science, and technology. "

BAH Teacher #3595

"Music is one of the most creative forms of the arts and should be taught in the same way."

BAH Teacher #3489

"Anyone who desires to learn music will also learn valuable life lessons along with it."

BAH Teacher #576

"I will open the door to musical discovery showing my students a world of music undiscovered!"

BAH Teacher #1531

"Music is a lasting gift you can give yourself or your child."

BAH Teacher #3875

" I am committed to aiding individuals in cultivating a robust vocal technique, enabling them to achieve a resonant and unrestricted tone."

BAH Teacher #1908

"Whether you are pursuing music as a hobby or aiming for a professional career, I am here to support you."

BAH Teacher #4041

"Wang is a versatile piano teacher offering lessons to students aged 4 to adults, with services available online and in students' homes. Fluent in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, Wang provides instruction not only in piano but also in composition, counterpoint, and various music theory subjects. He holds an ARCT certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music and is pursuing a BA in Interactive Arts and Technology. Wang's teaching philosophy focuses on building a strong foundation in technique and musicality while fostering a love for performing and sharing music."

BAH Teacher #540

"Mike is a BAH teacher providing bass clarinet, clarinet, piano, recorder, and saxophone lessons from the age of 5 to adults. His teaching studio is located in Vancouver. Mike's approach to teaching is dedicated to fostering student progress and enhancing their overall musicianship. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia, a Master of Music from Queens College NYC, and a Master of Music Education from the University of British Columbia. Mike offers lessons both online and at his studio in Vancouver. "

BAH Teacher #3981

"Keeping the joy of music alive through my teaching is my main goal!"

BAH Teacher #947

"My role goes beyond providing answers – it's about inspiring you to think critically and explore to find the answers yourself."

BAH Teacher #3694

"I will make sure that the time you spend learning with me will be delightful and fulfilling. "

BAH Teacher #4039

"My teaching philosophy centers on creating an inspiring environment where students can explore their musical potential."

BAH Teacher #2647

"Each student is unique and learns in their own special way."

BAH Teacher #3719

" I teach a very passion-driven curriculum, where every student learns above all else to love music and to love learning."

BAH Teacher #1417

"Music is an important skill that cultivates creativity and cognitive thinking. "

BAH Teacher #1548

"Aaron is a talented music instructor specializing in composition, piano, singer-songwriter, and voice lessons. He offers his expertise to students from the age of 4 to adults, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience tailored to each individual's needs. With a teaching studio located in Vancouver, Aaron also provides the convenience of in-home lessons in Richmond and Vancouver, BC, as well as online lessons for those who prefer virtual learning. His educational background is robust, with a Music Diploma from Capilano University, a Grade 10 Performance Certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and a Bachelor of Art Degree from Simon Fraser University. Aaron's commitment to building a solid foundation for every aspiring musician is evident in his teaching philosophy, focusing on essential skills and understanding to progress towards excellence."

BAH Teacher #2116

"Wendi is a dedicated piano teacher with Beethoven at Home, offering lessons to students of all ages, from toddlers to adults, in Vancouver. She tailors her teaching approach to fit each student's individual needs and goals, fostering a deep love for music while building a solid foundation in technique and musicality. Wendi's background includes an ARCT Diploma in piano performance and extensive performing experience. She offers preparation for RCM exams and performance coaching, and is fluent in English and Mandarin. Ready to embark on a musical adventure with Wendi? Book an interview now and discover the joy of piano with a teacher who truly cares about your growth and success."

BAH Teacher #807

"Farshid, a dedicated BAH music instructor in Vancouver, offers in-studio, in-home, and online lessons for piano and composition starting from age 6. With a rich educational background, including a DMA candidacy and a Master's in Composition from the University of BC, Farshid is passionate about sharing musical experiences. Recognized with numerous awards, Farshid believes in the invaluable role of music education for all. Learn in English or Farsi."

BAH Teacher #1301

"I am truly dedicated to nurturing each student's individuality and helping them discover a musical path that speaks to them on a profound level."

BAH Teacher #2225

"Enjoying and having a personal connection to the music being played is crucial for effective learning."

BAH Teacher #523

"Michael, a distinguished BAH teacher, offers piano lessons to students aged 6 to adults, available both online and in the student's home. Holding Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in Music Composition from prestigious institutions like the University of British Columbia and the University of California in Los Angeles, Michael is well-equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise. He has earned accolades such as Canada Council Grants and BC Cultural Fund Grants for his contributions to music. Michael is committed to fostering a relaxed and comfortable learning environment, emphasizing music appreciation for students at all skill levels. He provides comprehensive lessons in various subjects, including composition, counterpoint, ear training, and music theory, suitable for both beginners and advanced students. Experience the joy of music with Michael, whether online or in the comfort of your home."

BAH Teacher #2130

"I recognize the duality of two essential aspects in music learning, as articulated by Pepe Romero - the "Craftsman" and the "Artist." "

BAH Teacher #3287

"The most important aspect of teaching for me is to help my student form a strong bond with music. "

BAH Teacher #2838

"Learning with me will be a fun-filled experience that brings out the best in you!"

BAH Teacher #3251

"As a spiritual and holistic vocal singing instructor, my teaching philosophy focuses on nurturing the connection between mind, body, and spirit"

BAH Teacher #2373

"There is something magical and fundamental about music, and as a teacher I inspire my students to see that."

BAH Teacher #2484

"Music is the perfect medium to express my creativity in distinctive ways, and my lessons revolve around harnessing skill and perseverance to conquer goals! "

BAH Teacher #2818

"My primary goal is to cultivate a lifelong love for music in my students."

BAH Teacher #2788

"Music expresses the inexpressible and can heal divides between people."

BAH Teacher #3138

"Students of all ages can learn without unnecessary stress and anxiety."

BAH Teacher #2796

"I take pleasure in imparting musical skills to my students, skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives."

BAH Teacher #3927

"My teaching philosophy is rooted in my passion for music and my desire to share it with others. "

BAH Teacher #3495

"My main philosophy is to approach the instrument in an effortless and enjoyable way. "

BAH Teacher #2869

"Discipline is Key, but motivation is The Door. "

BAH Teacher #3368

""Bringing joy and play to music lessons for all ages, making the essentials fun and engaging because I believe music and art are fundamental to being human.""

BAH Teacher #3162

"My approach to music involves connections to life and a philosophy that holds music as a tool for creative expression first."

BAH Teacher #3738

"My goal as an educator is to introduce the joy that can be found in music, and to help students find and hone their unique musical voice. "

BAH Teacher #2049

"It is my heartfelt desire to pass on this transformative power of music to others and make a positive difference in their lives."

BAH Teacher #3596

" It is my intention in every lesson to take a student beyond where they usually stop in life, to constantly have them redefine what is possible for themselves."

BAH Teacher #1028

"My goal is to make the learning process enjoyable and rewarding, while also encouraging self-expression through music."

BAH Teacher #3993

"Whether you want to dive deep into the minutia of music or just want to learn how to play your favourite song, I am here to help foster your knowledge at every step along the way."

BAH Teacher #3022

"My goal is to develop natural talents with fun and engaging lessons."

BAH Teacher #3115

"Every student is capable of learning as long as they want to."

BAH Teacher #3280

"I tailor each lesson to the needs of the student while being an open minded individual that gives different perspectives and approaches for music."

BAH Teacher #3739

"I aim to teach my students to be both guitarists and musicians. "

BAH Teacher #3252

"Overall I favour a relaxed, friendly approach to lessons so that the student feels comfortable with me."

BAH Teacher #3335

"Discover Your Musical Talents: Join me for Fun and Engaging Lessons for All Ages and Levels!"

BAH Teacher #3894

"I strive to meet students where they find joy in music and to help them develop their own artistic voice."

BAH Teacher #3292

"Starting on our road to piano performance makes us become an active player in this cultural and artistic tradition!"

BAH Teacher #3895

"Different aspects of music can be approached from different points of view, that's make the study of music even more fascinating. "

BAH Teacher #3925

"I'm a strong believer of the saying that music comes from within and every soul has it."

BAH Teacher #3933

"I am well-versed in the intricate connections between theory, technique, and the art of performing."

BAH Teacher #3941

"I like to incorporate a relaxed yet stern approach to my students so they are always on track to their fullest potential and having a blast along the way!"

BAH Teacher #3265

" I approach teaching with an open and easy going attitude, I want everyone to feel welcome and supported."

BAH Teacher #3943

"I believe all students can learn and succeed in performing on a musical instrument. Creating the perfect fit between the student's interest, level, and the studied repertoire is the first step in establishing a successful learning experience. Over my years of teaching music, I have developed various techniques that suit students of all ages and levels. I make sure my students practice rhythms, melodies, and finger techniques in efficient and diverse ways."

BAH Teacher #3256

"I want to guide you into loving your voice and being able to know how to use it with all of the colours you possess already. "

BAH Teacher #3960

"Music can evoke emotions, tell stories, and bring people together."

BAH Teacher #3970

"I have developed certain learning strategies that have worked for most of my students, that make the most of the technology available, while speeding up the process of learning to play songs, in a fun way. "

BAH Teacher #3207

"Exploring music is a way to discover yourself."

BAH Teacher #4059

" WIth experience teaching not only music but Theatre and Dance, I have a highly adaptable teaching style and interdisciplinary perspective to share."

BAH Teacher #3190

" I love to see that instant moment of surprise and joy when a student achieves something with their voice they have never done before."

BAH Teacher #3187

" I aim to provide my students with the same essence of teaching as I have received over the many years of my experience under my teacher's tutelage. "

BAH Teacher #3972

"My philosophy of teaching music revolves around gearing students to be able to play the songs they want to play instead of hyper-focusing on a set syllabus. "

BAH Teacher #3974

"I believe that students learn best when encouraged and nurtured with compassion and patience. "

BAH Teacher #3172

"Whether formally in school, or casually for my own enjoyment - music has become a lifelong endeavour. "

BAH Teacher #3163

"I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher who is dedicated to helping my students reach their full potential."

BAH Teacher #3984

"I always tell my students: It is never too late to make your dream become true!! "

BAH Teacher #3985

"My goal as a teacher is to push the right buttons in a student's mind in order to make sure that he or she is in the right mindset to learn and accomplish his or her goals."

BAH Teacher #4026

"Combining classical and contemporary techniques is the best way to go through musical education."

BAH Teacher #3141

"My love of Music and performance is matched by my love of educating young performers and helping them reach their fullest potential! "

BAH Teacher #4029

"Let’s make music together and grow to become better musicians!"

BAH Teacher #3133

"I have been teaching music to preschoolers, schoolchildren and adults. "

BAH Teacher #3129

"It's a matter of personal commitment, proper direction, practice practice, some more practice and often overlooked, a love of playing."

BAH Teacher #4032

"Taking time to reflect and really understand one’s talents and goals is key to feeling confident and being successful."

BAH Teacher #3393

""I am committed to having my students reach their musical goals by guiding lessons based on their individual interests and needs.""

BAH Teacher #3370

"I don't give too much homework and explain things in varied ways until the concepts connects for you easily!"

BAH Teacher #3720

"Teaching music is about inspiring the student, setting small goals every week and helping people achieve their long term goals as well. "

BAH Teacher #3587

"I like to help students discover and dive deep into music they are passionate about."

BAH Teacher #3111

"It is always my goal to help the student enjoy music as a fulfilling aspect of their lives. "

BAH Teacher #3747

"I encourage my students to think about their aspirations and what makes them want to pick up an instrument. I help them to achieve their goals."

BAH Teacher #3751

"My specialty lies in working with younger beginners, and my teaching repertoire ranges from pop to classical music, including instruction in reading sheet music."

BAH Teacher #3755

"My lessons focus on both the technical and creative side of music, but I also work closely with my student's so that we can focus on their interests and goals that they have for their lessons."

BAH Teacher #3764

" My services include arranging pieces to better suit the student's level, and transcribing songs that don't yet have the arrangement we're looking for."

BAH Teacher #3628

"Join me in your musical education for your highest aim. Let´s make it happen together."

BAH Teacher #3624

"Nurturing Musical Minds: Where Learning Becomes Harmony, Growth, and Joy."

BAH Teacher #3611

"No matter what their goals are, I will ensure that my students meet them and enjoy every step of the way, while developing healthy practicing and life habits."

BAH Teacher #3599

"As a teacher, my mission is to help you achieve your aspirations while relishing every step of the journey. "

BAH Teacher #3780

"Caroline is a passionate music teacher offering clarinet and piano lessons online, welcoming students from the age of 8 to adults. With a BA in Music from the University of Cambridge, her educational background includes rigorous clarinet study, leading to prestigious performances and awards. Caroline believes music is for everyone, aiming to unlock this skill through academic study and performance. Her teaching philosophy centers on the joy and identity formation music brings, alongside its benefits for relieving life's pressures. Lessons are available online, making it convenient for students everywhere to learn and grow musically under her guidance. "

BAH Teacher #3797

"I have over 20yrs experience teaching and have taught many students ages 5-85."

BAH Teacher #3811

"I believe any person is capable of great things in music."

BAH Teacher #3594

"My aim as a teacher is help students understand themselves as musicians so that they can make authentic musical choices that will make learning music a meaningful experience for them."

BAH Teacher #3590

"Cindy, a passionate music educator who specializes in piano, voice, composition, ear training, and music theory for beginners to intermediates. With a teaching philosophy that emphasizes the intrinsic musicality within everyone, she focuses on unlocking the creativity of her students. Cindy holds RCM grade 9 in piano and theory, and her musical journey is marked by awards in composition. Offering online lessons only, she believes in making learning enjoyable and diverse. Book an online session to explore the joy of music with Cindy​​."

BAH Teacher #3578

"In my lessons, I will be teaching you how to play pieces with relaxed body and easier gestures. "

BAH Teacher #3380

"I strive to engage students of all ages, whether children or adults, in music activities that foster creativity, discipline, adaptability, and collaborative teamwork. "

BAH Teacher #3571

"Ethan is a dedicated BAH teacher based in Montreal, offering lessons in composition, electric guitar, guitar, piano, saxophone, singer-songwriter, and voice for students aged 6 and up, including adults. He brings a rich background in jazz from Berklee College of Music and a commitment to fostering a strong relationship with his students. Ethan's teaching philosophy centers on nurturing a love for music, adapting lessons to each student's needs. He offers lessons online or in his studio, ensuring a flexible and accommodating learning environment."

BAH Teacher #3837

"My teaching transcends regular teaching and focuses on holistic learning, which in turn makes my students better musicians and human beings!"

BAH Teacher #3565

"Charlene brings a passion for music and education, offering piano and violin lessons to students from age 6 to adults, exclusively online. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music, she holds distinctions in Level 8 Theory and Violin from the RCM, highlighting her dedication and skill. Charlene's teaching philosophy emphasizes music's role in personal growth and development, aiming to instill confidence, patience, and a love for music in her students. Whether you're beginning your musical journey or advancing your skills, Charlene's expertise and supportive approach make her an ideal guide."

BAH Teacher #3534

" I aim to empower my students to become independent learners - giving them the skills and confidence to take the initiative necessary to continue their educational journey through life. "

BAH Teacher #3506

"Music is an integral part of the human condition! It allows us to build relationships and tell stories."

BAH Teacher #3840

"I want to share my passion for music with my students, therefore my teaching philosophy is one of fostering creativity, enthusiasm, curiosity, and also empowering students to pursue their own diverse musical interests."

BAH Teacher #3855

"The main takeaway from my music lessons is always the students enjoyment, while fostering their own love of music."

BAH Teacher #3463

"I try to encourage a comfort with improvisation in all students, so that they can find meaningful work through all the stages of learning an instrument. "

BAH Teacher #3428

"There are so many great things happened in my music journey, and I feel privileged to bring the joy and achievement to my fellow students."

BAH Teacher #3427

"Music is essential for all of us to be well-rounded individuals, and I want to share that with as many people as I possibly can!"

BAH Teacher #3406

"What I want people to get out of lessons is a deeper connection and love for the music that brought them here in the first place."

BAH Teacher #3864

"I aim for my students to be as involved in their development as a musician as their teacher is."

BAH Teacher #3877

"Music speaks the unspoken, and cures the incurable. As social beings we all depend on music on daily basis to pass our time. "

BAH Teacher #3395

"I like to have fun during lessons, and a student who is relaxed and having fun is a happy student!"

BAH Teacher #39

"I believe in integrating music theory lessons into their favorite music, making it relevant to their lives."

BAH Teacher #3687

" Learning to play the piano is fundamental to every human being. "

BAH Teacher #2479

"Music is all about having a good time, yet it also requires serious effort and dedication to truly excel on your instrument."

BAH Teacher #2277

"I'm a firm believer in making music education both enjoyable and comprehensive. "

BAH Teacher #2692

"Music will always be there for you when no one else is, and it will always be your friend even on days you feel the most alone."

BAH Teacher #2657

"Music and musical expression is an integral component to development and growth."

BAH Teacher #2653

"Confidence in your art is cultivated through a combination of love, consistency, strong support from both parents and teachers, and a solid foundation in music education."

BAH Teacher #2631

"A strong foundation is the bedrock of progress."

BAH Teacher #2207

" In my lessons I try to create a warm and welcoming environment."

BAH Teacher #2626

"I love sharing my passion for music with students and seeing them form a passion for music making as well. "

BAH Teacher #2625

"My goal is to teach in a way that reflects the joy and fulfillment that can come from music."

BAH Teacher #2745

" You are in control of the direction we take, and my role is to facilitate your progress."

BAH Teacher #2622

"I look at music as a language, a means to communicate our feelings and emotions. "

BAH Teacher #2275

"My steadfast belief is to pass on my passion, skills, and perspective to the next generation."

BAH Teacher #2603

"Teaching music goes far beyond imparting skills and knowledge; it's a doorway to a world of possibilities."

BAH Teacher #2596

"Music speaks louder than words."

BAH Teacher #2272

"Joanna is a talented music teacher based in Toronto, offering lessons in a wide range of instruments including piano, guitar (electric and acoustic), voice, electric bass, ukulele, and more. Her studio welcomes students from the age of 7 to adults, catering to various skill levels from beginners to those looking to hone their talents further. Joanna's teaching philosophy is centered on challenging students to be their best selves while nurturing their unique musical voices. Her educational background in music, combined with her experience in composition and songwriting, equips her to offer a comprehensive and creative learning experience. She emphasizes the importance of technique, expression, and creativity in her lessons, aiming to inspire and motivate her students through music. Whether you prefer online lessons or in-studio sessions, Joanna is ready to guide you on your musical journey with patience, expertise, and enthusiasm."

BAH Teacher #2550

"Customized lesson plans are my forte, focusing on strengths, interests, and educational goals."

BAH Teacher #2545

"Respect for the music we study and an enjoyable, relaxed lesson atmosphere, forms a winning formula for progress and achievement."

BAH Teacher #2153

"I try my best to be a gentle, inspiring and creative teacher who will help you achieve your musical goals and aspirations!"

BAH Teacher #2474

"I keep learning from my students as they keep learning from my experience. "

BAH Teacher #2425

" I believe there is no better vehicle for developing human consciousness and awareness than music."

BAH Teacher #2428

"Music should be an enjoyable experience, uniquely shaped to align with the goals and passions of each individual."

BAH Teacher #2431

"With me you can expect a stress-free and fun experience learning music regardless of age or genre."

BAH Teacher #2451

"I've learned to inspire and motivate students to reach high standards."

BAH Teacher #2795

"I emphasize the importance of enthusiasm and playing with passion as crucial ingredients for fostering successful growth. "

BAH Teacher #2379

"I strive to share a love of learning with students."

BAH Teacher #3103

"I believe people learn better when they are relaxed and having fun."

BAH Teacher #2700

"My goal is to instill a fine sense of music appreciation, while at the same time, teaching students about the technical aspects of music. "

BAH Teacher #2487

"I aim to help students connect their ears and minds with their fingers in order to help them create their own music spontaneously."

BAH Teacher #2355

"Each of us has a unique reason for wanting to play music, and I wholeheartedly believe in nurturing that innate curiosity and helping students find their musical voice."

BAH Teacher #2510

"Through music, teachers and students contribute to shaping a more empathetic, imaginative, and emotionally intelligent society."

BAH Teacher #2518

"Teaching is a weighty responsibility, dedicated to each student's triumph."

BAH Teacher #2522

"Teaching music is a profound experience that sets off a ripple effect, leaving a positive impact not only on the students' lives but also within the community."

BAH Teacher #2308

"My aim is not only to teach my students to play guitar but to help them develop a lifelong love of music."

BAH Teacher #2394

"I firmly believe in teaching children based on their own motivation, tapping into the music they love and resonate with."

BAH Teacher #2706

"Students. Are. My. Priority. Always."

BAH Teacher #2150

"I like to set goals for my students, and help them reach those musical goals."

BAH Teacher #1861

"If you already love listening to music, imagine playing music. You'll see, it's magic!"

BAH Teacher #1570

"I very much enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for music."

BAH Teacher #2937

"I bring a real-world perspective to my teaching. "

BAH Teacher #1221

"When meeting new students, I focus on understanding their personality and motivations for learning music."

BAH Teacher #2991

"Every student brings something new to the table and I strive to use their individual strengths to build new skills in a way that is engaging, challenging, and supportive. "

BAH Teacher #3010

"Without joy, there is no music, and without music, there is no joy."

BAH Teacher #1734

"Music should be about following your passions and desires."

BAH Teacher #3245

"I hope to equip students with the skills which can support their lifelong joy in music-making."

BAH Teacher #2715

"Music is good for the soul, and an incomparable joy to learn and immerse yourself in."

BAH Teacher #1874

"Music should be enjoyable and a passion."

BAH Teacher #3056

"I hope to share my innate love and passion for music, creativity and performance with others and inspire them to progress in their own musical journey."

BAH Teacher #3085

"Many of my students have advanced to University to study music, including to the University of Toronto, Western and Laurier."

BAH Teacher #355

"I am dedicated to guiding each student in cultivating a strong foundational understanding of music, while also nurturing their unique talents and helping them reach their full musical potential"

BAH Teacher #3093

"I believe that every student is capable of finding their voice and using it to share what is most important to them. "

BAH Teacher #1025

"My instruction is a balance between building a strong technical foundation and incorporating enjoyable elements."

BAH Teacher #1309

"My goal is to equip students with a well-rounded skill set and knowledge, enabling them to evolve into versatile and accomplished musicians."

BAH Teacher #2889

"Music is the language of my soul, the very essence of the fabric of my innermost being. "

BAH Teacher #1687

"My lessons are sure to inspire students of all levels and ages to embrace their musical development and groove hard!"

BAH Teacher #2881

"I believe in building strong relationships with my students and connecting with them at their level and ability"

BAH Teacher #2136

"My approach to teaching is flexible and adaptable, catering to each student's unique needs and aspirations."

BAH Teacher #2115

"We learn music like we learn a language: by listening, imitating, and eventually finding our own voice. "

BAH Teacher #2074

"My goal is for my students to develop an undying love for music in all of its forms."

BAH Teacher #2024

"My goal is to help develop or rekindle your passion for music that can last a lifetime."

BAH Teacher #1969

" It's my job to help you on your musical way in the way that works best for you."

BAH Teacher #2792

"My deep-rooted passion for music fuels my excitement to share the joy of growth with you!"

BAH Teacher #1579

" I'm really patient and I like to focus on developing student's musicality, interest in music, and good piano technique."

BAH Teacher #2875

"With flexible classes and effective pedagogy techniques that blend traditional and contemporary methods, I strive to create an engaging atmosphere during lessons."

BAH Teacher #2840

"My teaching style is all about making learning fun and engaging. "

BAH Teacher #2403

"I have in-depth knowledge and teaching skills of today's most well-reputed music education systems to youngsters."

BAH Teacher #1518

"Music, to me, is an integral part of life, and I strive to instill this passion in my students."

BAH Teacher #3469

"I have 2 decades of experience playing a wide variety of genres on guitar, including classical, jazz, rock, blue grass, blues, country, metal and more."

BAH Teacher #3763

"During lessons, students will learn how to master their instrument, which will give them the facility to play any type of music that they desire."

BAH Teacher #2825

"Everyone should get the chance to see if music can be as important for them as it is for me. "

BAH Teacher #2081

"Every student is unique and should be nurtured strategically based on their personality, interests, and transferable skills and knowledge. "

BAH Teacher #2831

"Music, with its character-building essence, holds the key to success. "

BAH Teacher #3623

"I believe that music education is a powerful tool that facilitates and individuals healthy, well-rounded development."

BAH Teacher #3107

"Music and compassion work together to create a sense of love, curiosity, and discovery."

BAH Teacher #3772

"I prioritize understanding each student's goals and building strong teacher-student relationships."

BAH Teacher #3153

"I help choose appropriate goals so the student can see their progress and be encouraged. "

BAH Teacher #3101

" I believe everyone learns through a different method and I thrive to find the suitable way to awaken the interest in them. "

BAH Teacher #861

"Practicing and learning music should be creative and exciting."

BAH Teacher #2296

"Music education can begin at any age."

BAH Teacher #3175

"I tailor lessons according to the student’s individual goals but with a strong emphasis on fundamentals such as proper technique and critical listening. "

BAH Teacher #4045

"My teaching philosophy is all about making learning enjoyable, letting students be creative, and seeing music as a source of healing and inspiration."

BAH Teacher #2926

" I take into account the student's strengths and weaknesses and try to work around their interests."

BAH Teacher #3828

"I strive for having my students sense they have accomplished or learned something new in every lesson."

BAH Teacher #3021

"Everyone has different personal goal on learning music, it is important to personalize your learning process and enjoy music in order to immerse in the positive and fun music environment."

BAH Teacher #3236

"The secret to becoming a very good guitar player is to believe that playing guitar is the most fun thing to do in the world."

BAH Teacher #2311

"Music is here to make us healthy, smart, creative, innovative, curious, interesting, and an overall well-rounded individual."

BAH Teacher #2737

"Rhythm is universal and all musicians can grow from understanding the exciting world of drums!"

BAH Teacher #3286

"Unlock Your Musical Potential: Explore, Learn, Create. Master Instruments, Appreciate Music's Beauty, and Discover Mind-Blowing Tips in My Classes."

BAH Teacher #3977

"Learning in a safe and supportive teaching environment is essential to making musical progress and feeling fulfilled with music lessons."

BAH Teacher #3969

"Having students achieve individual, self-set goals is my top priority. "

BAH Teacher #2374

"It's better to fail and try harder than to take shortcuts and take the easy way out. "

BAH Teacher #1872

"Music is a gift to be freely given."

BAH Teacher #3342

"I teach in a way that makes my students enjoy learning by using music they love as lessons/exercises so they always stay engaged."

BAH Teacher #3318

"Music is life changing."

BAH Teacher #3559

"I love to see people grow and flourish while getting the guidance and assistance I was never able to have!"

BAH Teacher #1916

"I teach the person to be a musician first, then a guitarist. "

BAH Teacher #2472

"Giving each student equal attention and observation of their work, a chance to present their music to the class as their audience."

BAH Teacher #3879

"Being a musician isn't just something you do, it's something you are. "

BAH Teacher #3288

"It is heartwarming to be able to teach and discuss musical practice, and knowledge with any student. "

BAH Teacher #2209

"Anyone can understand music with a little dedication."

BAH Teacher #3476

"Art is all about being creative, expressing yourself, and finding what sounds speak to you!"

BAH Teacher #2460

"Our individuality is what sets us apart and adds novelty."

BAH Teacher #2594

"My teaching approach encourages students to unravel musical puzzles, explore curiosities, and push their limits."

BAH Teacher #3461

"Ultimately, I strive to instill in my students a heightened awareness of timer enabling them to connect with music on a profound level. "

BAH Teacher #3188

"Having fun and enjoying music lessons is fundamental to having a successful journey through music."

BAH Teacher #2160

"Without music life would be a mistake."

BAH Teacher #3142

"Music instruction is not a 'one size fits all' kind of deal, and this is why I am passionate about finding which educational avenue works best for each of my students."

BAH Teacher #2009

"My goal as a teacher is to create a safe space where the student can feel comfortable failing and making mistakes."

BAH Teacher #3951

"Music is a core expression of my spiritual and creative being."

BAH Teacher #3854

"Music is one of the last forms of magic that we still have in this world. "

BAH Teacher #3423

" Music is a fundamental part of the development of humanity and enters directly into our hearts, minds and bodies."

BAH Teacher #3570

"I believe that music is a basic human activity which should be accessible to all people."

BAH Teacher #1972

"Focus being on musicianship rather than a strictly guitar-centric perspective."

BAH Teacher #976

"I constantly aspire to communicate, patience and a love of music. It is key that students learn and understand through doing."

BAH Teacher #2712

"Arts education plays a pivotal role in shaping our society."

BAH Teacher #3299

"My lessons do not only revolve around becoming a good musician but also having fun and being excited to be a musician!"

BAH Teacher #3091

" I will teach you everything I know from the Berklee College of Music Program to tricks and methods for holistic approach to your instrument."

BAH Teacher #3740

"Laura is a passionate and versatile music teacher offering piano and voice lessons to students from the age of 5 to adults in Montreal. With a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and currently pursuing a Master of Music in Choral Conducting, Laura brings a rich educational background to her teaching. Her studio is a welcoming space for learning, whether you're in her studio, at your home, or online. Emphasizing a stress-free learning environment, Laura tailors her lessons to each student's interests, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable musical journey."

BAH Teacher #4058

" I am deeply committed to creating an environment where students feel empowered to explore, question, and discover."

BAH Teacher #1899

"My teaching philosophy revolves around helping each student discover their unique voice and form of expression."

BAH Teacher #2769

"Learn how to play guitar and use tools to express musical ideas. "

BAH Teacher #2190

" I find it very important to encourage each student to reach their maximum potential, and will guide them through it every step of the way. "

BAH Teacher #4003

"It is a privilege and joy to be entrusted with the role of teaching and forming musicians."

BAH Teacher #2509

"Music is a companion, a friend, a teacher and a way of expressing one self until you get to master the art and develop skills all along the way."

BAH Teacher #3308

"Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age, without joy, there is no music, and without music, there is no joy."

BAH Teacher #2376

"My students can expect to improve their skills and start to enjoy music more as we work together."

What benefits do online composition lessons offer?

Choice of teacher: Online composition lessons offer more flexibility in choice of teacher. Where before we would be limited by what teachers where in our neighbourhood or city, we can now explore music teachers from all over the country and the world.

There are also certain cognitive benefits to music learning online. The format forces a sort of concentration and listening that is hard to beat. Actually students and parents roften report increased attention span and retention of what has been learned.

You might have had a negative experience with online learning in groups. This is understandable. Online sessions with 30 some odd learners are less than ideal. However in the case of individual instruction the negatives are minimal and the positives are measurable.

What is the best method or software for online lessons?

Online composition lessons, often referred to as zoom composition lessons, are best managed on the Zoom conferencing service. Zoom is a software you download to your computer that uses your internet browser to hold a video call. There is no free trial it is simply free. There are paid plans but they are not needed for teacher or student unless you want to have group sessions longer than 40 minutes.

There are other platforms available like skype or facetime but they do not have the correct audio fidelity to do a good job of a music lesson. They may in fact work just fine for certain instruments but the reality is that the echo-cancellation of the software can turn a trumpet for example into an electric guitar. The advanced settings of the audio menu in Zoom will show you the best way to set up a zoom call for a music lesson.

It's very important to make sure you have a good trial run from the outset. Your goal is to learn to play in your lessons not to be learning how to set up the machine. Here's an easy tutorial. (zoom music lesson set up presentation)

Music teachers will appreciate the waiting room like functionality of the Zoom application. Students arrive and are put in a virtual waiting room just like in a real office. As a teacher you can even pop in to your virtual waiting room and send a message to a waiting student that you'll be another five minutes.

A special note about beginner lessons for children. If your child is younger your participation will be more important than ever. This is not new, young children with parents that are involved in their learning to play are more successful always. This experience can be very enriching to a parent child relationship and sometimes the parent winds up becoming a student and a teacher all at once.

What kind of equipment do I need?

The majority of students will be fine with a laptop or a tablet and a nice pair of headphones to start their online learning. Smartphones are a possibility but the small size of screen is less than ideal. Phones can be useful as a second camera to show certain different angles of for example composition fingering or hand position.

Music teachers can invest in better and/or additional cameras or microphones but there's no reason we can't start with the basics.

If you really want the very best rig possible here are my recommendations. Again this is not at all necessary and perhaps a good investment for the busy online teacher or the student that just loves gear:

  • You want perhaps a better camera or a second camera and a stereo mic. Here is a link to a 4k camera with a built in stereo mic that will give you very professional result in your video lessons. The manufacturer is also called Zoom but there is no connection between the 2 companies.
  • You also might want a workable tablet and writing surface. I recommend an iPad pro or the regular version with an Apple pencil stylus and the app goodnotes. This is helpful for drawing and writing on staff paper or sheet music while teaching music theory or marking up a score. The ability to read music and draw is a great advantage to be able to have.
  • You will need a great set of headphones to use the best features in the Zoom software. They should be slim enough to allow you to play or sing without distraction.

Simply select a teacher from Beethoven at Home and Book an interview. Your teacher will contact you shortly to begin your lessons.


A simple explanation of our process


A simple explanation of our process