Marcello - BAH Teacher #2328

“I will help you to identify your goals and set you along the right path to achieving them.”
 - Marcello


I believe there is no better way to learn about yourself and all the things you are capable of than to pick up an instrument. There is no bias, no catch, it is just you and the instrument and all the joy and frustration you experience comes from that 1 on 1 relationship. It's very easy to give up and say "they can do it because they have talent" but the true beauty comes from knowing the truth - it takes hard work. Learning an instrument gives you the confidence to know you can achieve whatever you desire if you work at it properly. That's where I come in, I will help you to identify your goals and set you along the right path to achieving them. The reality is everybody is different, we as people are so incredibly complex, so each student learns differently and is suceptible to different weaknesses. The more we engage with our instrument the more we learn about not just the music, but your own emotions. Because in the end emotion is what music is all about: the wonder, the excitement, the rage, the lonliness and the love.

Name: Marcello (Full name will be provided upon registration)

Age: 27

Gender: male

I have an honours BA in Fine arts from York University. I studied jazz and classical music where I studied counterpoint and opera and also took perfromance classes like jazz ensemble. I started playing the piano when I was very young with an excellent piano teacher from my town. As I got older and my music interests changed I picked up the guitar and studied with a guitar teacher for about 8 years until I finally chose to play the drumset in highschool. I would then go on to play the drums at York U where I finally got real training from excellent drummers and my ability grew exponentially. Funnily enough my interest in playing the piano came back strongly while studying at York, probably due to the classical/romantic studies. I took specific classes for studying counterpoint and opera along side the jazz theory courses I was taking.


Rates and Studio Policies
Registration Fee: $25.00 (One-time lifetime registration fee may be used by all family members)

Rates for instruction:
30 minute private lesson: $39.00
45 minute private lesson: $49.00
60 minute private lesson: $59.00

Travel charge: additional $15.00 per visit (for lessons in a client's home as opposed to my studio)

1. Cancellation Policy
Lessons not cancelled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice are billable to the client and payable to the teacher. This does not of course apply to travel fees unless the notice is effectively given at the door and the teacher has travelled to the location.

2. Cessation (quitting) Policy
A client must provide a 2 lesson notice period to stop lessons. So a weekly student needs to give 2 weeks of notice, a biweekly student works out to 3 weeks notice and a twice weekly student works out to a week of notice.

3. Illness Policy
Lessons cancelled due to illness or extraordinary circumstances with less than 24 hours notice remain billable to the client and payable to the teacher.

BAH teachers are encouraged to offer a make-up lesson at a future date in the interest of client relations and general goodwill. This only makes sense as teaching a student with the flu for example, will ruin the rest of your week's employment.

No more than 2 lessons may be made up due to illness within a 60 day period.

4. Rescheduling Policy
Any lesson can be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice.

Summer Vacation and Extended Absence Policy

Clients may schedule longer absences for trips etc. 24 hours notice is required.

It is normal and typical for students and about 20% of our teachers to schedule a break in the summer. We do not enforce a notice period (see cessation of lessons) at the end of a long summer break.

5. Evaluation Period
There are no free trial lessons with Beethoven at Home but we do offer a 2 lesson evaluation period where it is easy to try out a teacher. There are no free lessons during the evaluation period and clients may choose to discontinue the lessons at any time by providing the required 24 hours notice. After the student's 3rd lesson the required 2 lesson notice period will apply (see cessation of lessons above).

Lessons in your home

Marcello is available to teach in your home if you are located in the following areas

Online lessons

Marcello can provide online instruction. While other platforms are possible BAH strongly recommends the use of the Zoom video conferencing platform as it is optimized for music lessons and audio quality.

Marcello's Studio Location

Marcello offers lessons from his studio. Please note that map locations are based on the postal code of the teachers studio. After booking an interview the full address will be released to you if needed.


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