16 Piccolo teachers serving Online Lessons

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BAH Teacher #2278

"Being a music instructor for years has equipped me with skills to understand how to meet student needs. "

BAH Teacher #1804

"Music is a journey and it is my privilege to walk with my students to the destination wherever it leads."

BAH Teacher #1863

" I adore sharing the joy found in playing and look forward to meeting you!"

BAH Teacher #975

"To learn the flute takes lots of time, patience, and hard work, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy every minute of it."

BAH Teacher #1034

"Je veux donner le goût de pratiquer et transmettre un peu de ma passion pour la musique a l'étudiant."

BAH Teacher #1776

"My role is to inspire my students musically and help them develop a critical thinking which will not only help them in the lessons but in life."

BAH Teacher #1428

"I have been teaching for over six years and make music lessons interesting and inspiring."

BAH Teacher #1503

"I strongly believe that every student has the ability and potential to become a star!"

BAH Teacher #2133

"I perceive music learning as a transformative experience, and rather than providing my students with ready answers, I strive to become a facilitator of a process of discovery."

BAH Teacher #471

"I seek to inspire superior musicianship and a solid foundation in basic cognitive and learning skills."

BAH Teacher #2142

"I have always found it easy to build a conversation with anyone from any age group, walk of life, etc. about what music they like, why they like it, how they could play with that kind of music themselves."


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