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BAH Teacher #1545

"I teach my students to be open-minded and versatile musicians, and several of my former students have gone on to become professional musicians and music educators."

BAH Teacher #933

"It is our goal to make music and I feel it is very important to spend as much time as possible in each lesson doing just that. "

BAH Teacher #940

"As a retired principal trombonist and university professor I have much to share with my students."

BAH Teacher #1246

"I aim to give my students their own personal goals, and showing them how to achieve them. "

BAH Teacher #1631

" I love to teach and to inspire my love for trumpet and music in others."

BAH Teacher #2000

" I view the role of a teacher as that of a mentor."

BAH Teacher #2119

"It brings me great joy to share my passion with students."

BAH Teacher #2127

"The development of a musical self is something complex and unique to each person."

BAH Teacher #2147

"I try to make sure students learn strong fundamentals alongside their more musical pursuits."

BAH Teacher #2317

"I believe that music is deeply tied to expression and enjoyment"

BAH Teacher #1194

"Trombone lessons with me will be fun and you will learn tons! "


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