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Are you looking for a Djembe teacher to guide you in the art of learning an instrument? If so then you have made an exciting instrumental choice. The Djembe is a very unique instrument capable of amazing musical results.

The Djembe's versatility lends it a coveted spot in almost any music group. Djembes can be found in nearly every type or genre of music. Djembe players can be comfortable in almost any type of ensemble.

Beethoven at Home's Djembe teachers can give lessons in your home, lessons in their nearby Djembe studios or even real time Djembe lessons online. Private Djembe lessons enable learners to advance more quickly than any other format.

Why Learn Djembe?

Music is a universal language and if the Djembe is your chosen vehicle for musical expression you are in the right place. The Djembe can take you on an exciting journey into the world of music!

Musical study will make both your brain and your body both fitter and happier. There are certifiable mental health benefits as well.

How to make Djembe lessons a success for beginners or advanced Students

Learning to play an instrument requires a private tutor. Private Djembe lessons provide a schedule and a routine that all musicians need. Articles and videos can be misleading and misunderstood. To play the Djembe you will need to:

  • Have new new techniques demonstrated
  • Practice the techniques for a given amount of time (usually a week)
  • Have an experienced teacher guide and evaluate your progress and development

Individual teacher's methods will vary but this fundamental routine and rhythm will be the same.

We offer Djembe lessons for every level of Djembe player

What to expect from beginning Djembe lessons

Beginner Djembe lessons are appropriate for those students without previous experience playing the instrument. You'll need to learn proper techniques and get comfortable producing the instrument's sound. Your instructor might choose to cover some of the following topics at this level:

  • Proper posture
  • Proper position
  • Instrument anatomy and assembly
  • Fundamental exercises
  • Basic scales
  • Basic music theory

What to expect from intermediate Djembe lessons

Intermediate lessons are intended for students who know their way around the instrument before being ready for advanced techniques. At this level, you'll strengthen your ability to produce a broader range of sounds and articulations on the Djembe. In intermediate classes, your Djembe tutor may choose to cover some of the following topics:

  • At this point you will likely be starting out in traditional methods and syllabi like the RCM, ABRSM there are many and all are good.
  • Your teacher will work principally on refinement of your sound, articulation, intonation, rhythm and your general understanding of musical fundamentals and style
  • Intermediate music theory

What to expect from advanced Djembe lessons

After a period of time you will become an advanced Djembe player and you will likely specialize in a certain style and will be very involved in choosing your own path. You will still need a Djembe teacher to guide you on your chosen path. The advanced student needs an external pair of ears even more than the beginner or intermediate student. Elements of advanced lessons include:

  • Advanced repertoire and examinations
  • Career counselling
  • Audition preparation

How to find Djembe lessons near you

Use the Beethoven at Home search function to find a qualified Djembe teacher. You'll be given a rich search result with teachers organized by the kind of service you are looking for.

Our teachers are fantastic, highly educated and qualified. When choosing a Djembe teacher be sure to pay attention to the part of their teaching profile that includes a statement of teaching philosophy. This section gives a personal feeling about the teacher's style and can be very useful in making a choice between teachers.